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Lineage 2 Dreams


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I have pleasure to introduce a NEW High Rate Server of Lineage2 1st Chaotic Throne called Dreams. Server is up since 10.02.2008.


Server site: http://www.l2-dreams.xxl-web.pl/

Server forum: http://store.l2-dreams.xxl-web.pl/index.php


The idea to arise server Dreams is wish to create for all of You a place to common play and relaxation, where we will try to forget about dullness and hardships of the daily life. We would like to keep on the server friendly atmosphere, thanks to which server will be open for everyone ignoring age groups or affluence of our players. We won't be tolerating improper behaviour, that is in other words rudeness. Our assumptions are very clear, there is not important quantity of players but pleasure of playing for those, who will express the wish to spend free time on our server.


And here are some informations:

Auto Learn Skills


Stacking Subclasses



Spawn Protection

GM Shop to Sealed A Grade

S-80 Items



Enchant Safe 5

Enchant Full Safe 6


Rate XP 1500

Rate SP 1000

Party XP 1500 x 1.5

Party SP 1000 x 1.5

Rate Adena 500

Rate Drop 30

Rate Spoil 30


How to join??

Download 1st Chaotic Throne Client than download our patch and have fun.


Our Staff is going to answer any question in the game :).

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