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  1. Yes, that helped. Looks like its working great. I don't want to create new topic, so i will ask here. Is it some kind of bug or this is made by a reason, that when you are buying soulshots or some kind of comsumable you can manually enter the amount that you wish to buy. If item is enchant scroll, weapon or an armor, that is not possible, you can buy only 1. There is some code in source that does not let to do that?
  2. Can someone help with this idea? I want to dissable all chance skills, only active and passive augment skills. Pack that i am working with is ACIS. If i delete the chance skills from augmentation/skills.xml it gets an error on augment process. Looks like it cant find correct id or something like so. Maybe i should change chance skill with active, i mean do not delete it.