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  1. Yes, that helped. Looks like its working great. I don't want to create new topic, so i will ask here. Is it some kind of bug or this is made by a reason, that when you are buying soulshots or some kind of comsumable you can manually enter the amount that you wish to buy. If item is enchant scroll, weapon or an armor, that is not possible, you can buy only 1. There is some code in source that does not let to do that?
  2. Can someone help with this idea? I want to dissable all chance skills, only active and passive augment skills. Pack that i am working with is ACIS. If i delete the chance skills from augmentation/skills.xml it gets an error on augment process. Looks like it cant find correct id or something like so. Maybe i should change chance skill with active, i mean do not delete it.
  3. Hi. Maybe someone knows the name of this font? I can't find it.. ;/
  4. Hi. I am getting this kind of an error. Maybe someone knows what i am doing wrong? Notice: Trying to get property 'total_posts' of non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\forum\forum.php on line 42 Here is the code: $update = 'SELECT forum_id FROM forum'; $update = $db -> prepare($update); $update->execute(); while($row = $update -> fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ)){ $post = 'SELECT post_thread, post_datestamp, post_user, (SELECT COUNT(post_entry) FROM forum_post WHERE post_forum='.$row->forum_id.') AS total_posts FROM forum_post WHERE post_forum='.$row->forum_id.' AND post_datestamp =(SELECT MAX(post_datestamp) FROM forum_post WHERE post_forum='.$row->forum_id.')'; $post = $db -> prepare($post); $post->execute(); $p_row = $post -> fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ); $num_of_p = $p_row->total_posts; if($num_of_p==null){ $last_post_date = null; $last_post_thread = null; $post_user = null; } else{ $last_post_date = $p_row->post_datestamp; $last_post_thread = $p_row->post_thread; $post_user = $p_row->post_user; } $post=null; $threads = 'SELECT count(thread_name) as total_threads FROM forum_thread WHERE thread_forum_id='.$row->forum_id.''; $threads = $db -> prepare($threads); $threads->execute(); $t_row = $threads -> fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ); $num_of_t = $t_row->total_threads; $threads=null; $up_forum = 'UPDATE forum SET forum_threads=?, forum_replies=?, forum_lastpost_user =?, forum_lastpost_date =?, forum_lastpost_thread =? WHERE forum_id ='.$row->forum_id.''; $up_forum = $db->prepare($up_forum); $up_forum->execute([$num_of_t, $num_of_p, $post_user, $last_post_date, $last_post_thread]); $up_forum=null; } $update=null;
  5. Hi. I dont want to create a new topic, so im writing in this one, with the same problem. Im adapting forum into a website and I have a problem with latest date row. I want to add latest post, and i thought i could search for it in database table by MAX command. Is it proper way to whrite sql statement like i am doing?I get that kind of an error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[21000]: Cardinality violation: 1241 Operand should contain 1 column(s) Here is my code: $topic = 'SELECT f.*, u.selected_character, (SELECT COUNT(post_entry) number FROM forum_post WHERE post_thread = f.thread_id), (SELECT post_user, post_datestamp FROM forum_post WHERE post_thread = f.thread_id AND post_datestamp=(SELECT MAX(post_datestamp) FROM forum_post)) FROM forum_thread f LEFT JOIN accounts u on f.thread_author = WHERE f.thread_id = :topicid ORDER BY f.thread_lastpost_date'; $topic = $db -> prepare($topic); $topic -> bindValue(':topicid', $topic_id, PDO::PARAM_INT); $topic ->execute(); while($row = $topic -> fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ)) { echo" <tr> <td style='width:5%; text-align:center' class='forumheader2'><img src='../images/forum/nonew.png' alt='' title='' style='border:0' /></td> <td style='width:55%' class='forumheader2'><a href='index.php?pages=forum/view_topic&id=".$row->thread_id."'>".$row->thread_name."</a><br />by <a href='forum_viewforum6512.html?11'>".$row->selected_character."</a> » ".ucwords(strftime('%a %b %d %Y, %I:%M%p ', $row->thread_author_date))."</td> <td style='width:10%; text-align:center' class='forumheader3'>".$row->number."</td> <td style='width:10%; text-align:center' class='forumheader3'>".$row->thread_views."</td> <td style='width:20%; text-align:center' class='forumheader3'> <span class='smallblacktext'>".$row->post_datestamp."<br />".$row->post_user." <a href='forum_viewtopic4232.html?64400.last'><img src='../images/forum/post2.png' alt='' title='' style='border:0; vertical-align:bottom' /></a></span> </td> </tr> "; }
  6. Hello, maybe someone has this template? Maybe someone has riped it when this server was alive?
  7. Yup, i don't understand how code works. How it knows that player has voted and disapears from list? It saves ip address and 24h countdown? Maybe someone has a simulare code?
  8. Hello to everyone. I am searching a while for a vote system, that i could adapt on my website. I found a server that uses something i am searching. Maybe someone understands a principle how it works? Here is that system Press me
  9. try { $pdo = new PDO("mysql:host=; dbname=l2j", 'root', ''); $pdo->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); $pdo->query("SET NAMES 'utf8'"); } catch(PDOException $e) { echo "Connection failed: " . $e->getMessage(); } $statement = "SELECT i.owner_id, c.char_name, i.count from items as i inner join characters c on c.obj_Id = i.owner_id WHERE i.item_id = 57 and i.count > 10 and c.accesslevel = 0 ORDER BY count DESC limit 10"; $statement = $pdo->prepare($statement); $statement->execute(); echo "<table style='width: 100%' cellpadding='2'> <tr> <td colspan='3' style='height: 24px' valign='top'><a href='e107_plugins/l2top/l2top.php?show=4'>Top ritchest players</a></td> </tr> "; while($row = $statement->fetch()) { $count++; $number = floor($row['count'] / 1000000); echo " <tr> <td class='number'>".$count."</td> <td class='name'>".$row['char_name']."</td> <td class='value'>".$number."kk</td> </tr> "; }