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  1. mpj didn't make L2.Net... and fyi v384 makes some huge strides towards addressing usability issues that people have with L2.Net.
  2. Jingjing supports multi-threaded scripts... so there is nothing stopping you from running 2 scripts at the same time.
  3. Those of you with the DirectX error on Windows 7 need to update your DirectX. L2.Net uses Managed DirectX which is not included in DirectX by default. You have to install the DirectX redist or use the web updater to get it.
  4. You messed something up then. Probably don't have the required DirectX installed.
  5. Might want to change the name so people don't confuse this with L2.Net the bot: http://l2net.insane-gamers.com/ Which btw is also coded using .Net
  6. And your mom isn't safe for nightly affairs... Any evidence to back up your equally retarded claim?
  7. Of course it doesn't... It's an L2.Net script... you know? That better free bot for Lineage 2...
  8. Well here try this... connect with IG Walker on some l2j server. Try bot some action... and see if you get disconnected. If l2j can detect you... l2off and retail can.
  9. You can run IG L2.Net with OOG walker. Might verify? No idea...