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  1. You are dumb's or something? A guy create something and share it with the community, and your fucking comment is about the "poor code quality" ??? << Don't look a gift horse in the mouth >> Keep it up bro, good job!
  2. The thing that happening at the momment with this share it was known from the time that vang decided to sell the sources. Sometime someone would share them, this is natural. Before the share some people sold this pack for 100 bucks, not big deal.... I am trying to prevent all these smartasses who will compile and run a server without knowledge, we don't need more amateurs who will destroy more the l2 community. Use this sources with responsibility....
  3. 1st. the sources are the real one, confirmed. 2nd. in case that you dont know how to use them then someone will destroy your server inside some minutes, there is an exploit. 3rd. you can modify a lot of things but in xase you want to do nore hardwork you will need an IDA databse too. 4th. about the one who wrote that vang last dll was 8mb, use your brain and check up the sources, vang is doing somthing after he builds the dll. 5th. i recomend to change some keys before use them cause it will be really easy for someone to bypass your protection(in case you will use this cliext.dll). 6th. i reccomend everyone who use the latest vang dll to find someone who can setup these sources for him cause soon or later will have problems...
  4. I don't care if it is a project by ladies, this can be true or an advertisment trick. I don't care into any possible reason, i am care about what i see. They cannot have 3k online as they have on their main page for sure. The number is multiplied by x3/x4/x5 or something.
  5. For sure no 3k online as they say on site. Dunno if it is worth playing here... Seems like they are using advext extender or something btw...
  6. You have fix the latest russian exploit which russians do with packet flooding? and it crashes the server? Dont try to sell something that you cannot support, these files are extremly good for base but they need extra work from anyone who owns them.
  7. I am looking for russian html pack for vanganth ai thanks in advance
  8. Really thanks @xeL for the file. tk422 they have onl for gracia final i think
  9. Hello community, I am looking for AI Nasc Decompiler / Decompiler (For C4 PTS). In past i used Sauron Compiler (With a NASC gui that some guy created) and AI Decompiler from Hellfire (L2Scriptmaker rev4). Also i am searching for fuctions_c4.txt file There is any guy who has these files and share them here? Thanks for your time.
  10. Can anyone post the regional settings which the windows must have in order to run smootly l2off server? Thanks
  11. Why that? I am just looking for someone who can create some nice html files. Nothing more....
  12. Hello People, I am making a hi5 project based on l2j files (Faction Server with many new ideas-unique things). I am looking for a crew in order to finish it and bring it online. I am looking for: Web Designer with skills to make up something proffesional. L2J Developer with skills to create some good htmls for me. Gamemasters, people with brain who have already manage to control big communities. Anyone who want to be part of it can pm me here. I will answer you as fast as possible. I am open to any discussion about the server, just pm me! :) Thanks!
  13. that's it use win2k3 x64 Enterprise to lunch a server. Else you can make a mini extender with a fix inside for this. If you ask any dev might make it for you :)
  14. 5 Answers above you and you have 100% flame. ----======= Still waiting here? =======----