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  1. Hello all, I have c4 server, l2jlivsus pack, i need help, i have walker but not work i have this error messages, please help me on pm or here, please in gameserver error
  2. i need help, i want hero colors + i need black color for weapons, please write codes or upload
  3. NEED THIS COMMUNITY BOARD HTMLS ONLY HTMLS Who has this? please upload and write me pm
  4. I recommended this pack, 2 month ago i haved x300 good server + good and stable online
  5. pack has many problems, geoengine is bugged, all skill stat is wrong, + formula calculation is wrong, all debuf chance is 10 %. events are bugged, element stones not work for skills
  6. Hello All, i want l2tales community board html files, whos has this? please share
  7. PLEASE HELP. I can't Open utx files in unreal engine here is video, but i have also error
  8. l2jserver no :) i want other phoenix or overworld core :)
  9. Hello All. I want free normal stable high five server files, what projects are stable? please share links i want files for pvp server thanks all