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  1. Hi, anyone could add class target in the rank line, please? (for H5) I'm looking for smth like this: But I want it in my custom file: interface.u
  2. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do it or could share the file for this: On these screenshots they can see other's ppl skills, like seed stages from tanks or some trigger buffs on player's head. Anyone can share it or show how to add it, please? >w<
  3. I only want to remove animation from far away players, like in radius of 600 I can see skills but above that range to remove them w/o decreasing player limit, is that possible?
  4. Mmm what about a player? we can edit our own display radius or it's just for devs from server?
  5. Anyone knows how can I decrease the range skill animation from far away players? (i want to keep seeing the ppl but w/o skill animation and only see close range ppl's skill animation) I know L2OvC server has this feature with just a command and in L2Aeron we can select the range u want to set as limit. But no idea if I can edit it myself so I can use on other servers w/o this feature. Anyone?
  6. L2Rampage - Territory War (Cardinal PoV) https://youtu.be/YX6gRXjFy8k
  7. Done, I remove it's ID and it doesn't shows its animation anymore, thanks!
  8. From which file do I edit? 'cause I dont see it's triggered id on skillgrp.dat
  9. Protection of Rune, Fighter's Will and Archer's Will has same animation, anyone know how can I change or remove them? when I play tank I freeze 'cause when I mass aggro and everyone hits me, all these passives triggers a lot so their animation makes me lag, same with Patience animation from tank. I tried to edit them with skillgrp.dat but these skills doesn't have any ID animation so I don't know how to change them.
  10. Server link in description ≧﹏≦
  11. Its says "SCRIP STARTED!" but IG when the element window auto opens, It cancels instead of confirm to add attr and I guess its cuz it doesnt select the item, what should I do in this case? ;p
  12. Multiskill abusing, full buff at oly.. balance sux as hell, what can I say. Totally sh1t :)