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  1. L2j Server High Five project i work on it since 2017 and is updated from l2jserver since last commit almost all mechanism work like official but has some bugs too all retail like feutures taken from rpg club only got 5-6 bugs in it - fear not work properly - mobs walking manager has an issue they just walk instead of running - there is a problem when interact to npc character doesnt move to it - char doesnt move to fortress gate to attack i will add more details in future this pack is so much better than paid projects just test and u will be
  2. lf developer for bug fixes l2j h5 pack contract tzortzoglou2 skype
  3. hello im looking for dev l2jserver to fix me the new target system problem on core, the files affectscope affectobject targettype already implement in datapack
  4. Elemental Master 79lvl 80% exp VIP4 - 120 EURO Arcana Lord 79 lvl 55% exp - 120 EURO Spectral Dancer 79lvl 40% exp - 120 EURO Sword Muse 79 lvl 78% exp VIP 4 - 120 EURO Shilien Saint 79 lvl 35% exp - 120EURO DoomCryer 79 lvl 40% - 100 EURO Spellsinger 73 lvl VIP4 30 EURO Dark Avenger 59 lvl -15 EURO Elemental Summoner 58 lvl - 15 EURO Phantom Summoner 58 lvl - 15 EURO with b grade items in inventory and few adena pm for more info or add me in skype tzortoglou2 items doesnt go seperate from characters NEW ITEM TALISMAN OF FATE +
  5. hello if someone want to trade ES/WarLock/PS for gladiator pm me or write here or skype tzortzoglou2
  6. wtb Shilen elder 52+ no items gludio na classic pm here or skype tzortzoglou2
  7. SWS 45-50 or above items are not nessesary for classic NA gludio server
  8. yes but this is a custom way there is a way to make this happend with packets run faster ?
  9. im using l2jserver last rev are u talking about this ? broadcastPacket(new MagicSkillUse(this, target, skill.getDisplayId(), skill.getDisplayLevel(), hitTime, reuseDelay)); but guys maybe its happening on official from packet priority?
  10. hello guys if anyone can help me with this or i can pay to make it done i want to make packets on cast skills to finish shorter than normal like this server and without touch the skill cast time just to make it from skill packets like this video :