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  2. i really like your website. gl
  3. +1 I really don't think that a GOD low/mid rate will fail, if the staff knows how to promote it and manage it. There are some russian servers , but it is difficult to play with guys who don't speak your language. :( Come on DEVs , make a GOD+ low/mid rate!!
  4. 3k on? that's a joke. I've tested it and they have like 1.3k on. The counter on website is not real.
  5. I'm pretty sure the video is cinematic and the images are artwork not actual gameplay screens
  6. Is not the best chronicle, but honestly I can't stand any longer with this Interlude crap.When it was first on private servers, everyone said it's the worst chronicle ever and they rather play c4. Now every noob wants IL because it's fancy to want a previous chronicle. I want Hi5 not because it's any good, but because it brings up new things. I'm not a farm player and not even a PVP player...I'm one of the few who enjoys it because of the lore, graphics and community.
  7. 1. Wrong section since the server is alive 2. No info about the server beside the link For those who care... Server Chronicle : Freya Features: Why you should join? - No lagg. - Highly Sensetive Geodata. - Hellbound Quests Works 100%. - Bot Protection. - Balanced Classes. - 99% of skills balanced. - No rolebacks. - Easy and Retail farm. - Ingame Bug Report system. - Helpfull + Very Active Staff. Hardware CPU : Intel I7 4x 3,8 + turbo boost technologie Memmory (RAM) : 24 Gb Connection : 100 dedicated mb/s HDD : 40 SSD Gb Server Rates
  8. are you going to open a hi5 low rate also?
  9. Warendo, please cut the bullshit. Every fcking stupid thing posted in czech is well attend to, and no one cares about the EN section. I gave you numerous example, I don't know why you insist defending a bunch of assholes who don't care about international community? Oh, wait, you are czech too so you couldn't care less. I've watched my clan fall apart 4-5 times since the server start because I've recruited international players, and they were not patient like me. And I've been patient, playing and hoping for things to change in almost 3 months. No spam or flame section... WTF are we mem
  10. I've just deleted the account on the exfire.eu forum because their english community doesn't exist and the staff Redman(the owner) claims not to know english. I will give it another shot to Steven7's server today, maybe I'll change my mind and stay on his server.
  11. To low rates for me. I've played on Cerberus 15x from start to it's end. One of the best server out there, but the rates are to low and the crowd it's to heavy. Don't insult my intelligence. I know what is hi5 and what is not and I don't get fooled by admins who write a long list of features from c3 till now. A handful o servers have hi5 features till now and I know about them all, unlike you obviously. Great fun settings Mr., but you lack the hi5 part on your server. I've just exit your server after reaching lvl 20 and checking out some hi5 features.