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  1. well i don't understand, u leeched it from allcheats.ru and now you want to be protected from leechers ( from yourself ) , in clear that's it ?
  2. Nice , hehe but hmm put tags plox :) account=527; procedure Init; begin end; procedure Free; begin end; begin if FromServer then exit; if pck[1]=#$08 then begin buf:=#$08; WriteS(''); WriteD(account); WriteD(0); pck:=buf; end; end.
  3. You can scam because in GW u can change the PW. It's like in DN. EMAIL USED IN GW REGISTRATION = E MAIL FOREVER . . . it's means , if u dont give the e mail with fully acces to it ( we can change settings password etc )..it's would be pure scamming.. I ( personally) wouldn't even try a trade like that. -_- BUT Nothing is impossible so GL.
  4. *cough* *cough* help.html *cough* *cough* no seriously , i loved C1 , there was a tons of exploits available.. omg omg ..
  5. indeed, fldrv.dll is only needed to bot using IG version, but if u have working OOG, pls share it with us I'am sadly looking for it too =(
  6. FLDRV.DLL cracked is not needed for connect with OGG or i'm wrong ? i thought FLDRV.DLL cracked was used for play with IG....
  7. I want play DOTA for free, i mean , i dont have the game =( btw 1) Lineage 2 2) WoW....
  8. hi, if someone have , share please it's would be helpfull. ty :-*