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  1. yea its simple... but doesnt work :/, nothing changes in l2net after the client launches
  2. this is how far i get, after that i start l2 client but nothing else is displayed in the box http://i45.tinypic.com/20j4qk2.jpg i tried this 2 guides, http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=255078.0&ckattempt=1 http://www.insane-gamers.com/showthread.php/5974-How-To-Connect-%28retail-servers%29
  3. you mean the path to the right l2.exe? yes, i did that, it launches also the client with l2net but after that nothing more...
  4. hey can someone help me, my bot walks up to the mob and doesnt hit it... anyone know the problem? and anyone have god updated L2InfoB
  5. change the keyboard language to US, on their keyboard @ is shift + 2, after that u might want to change back to enter pw... cuy some others are also different
  6. can somoene help me, i get this info line in l2net "09:16:29 :[client -> bot gameserver : using port 7777" then i start the client but nothing changes... i set up everything just as the tutorial was writen:/
  7. Hi, im selling my lovely litte char on Shilen, why? I got a new job, and its taking more time then my old one that leaves me no time for playing games. :/ here some infos Yul Archer 89 20% Male Human Noblesse Sub: Warcryer 79, R grade Event Gear waiting in WH Twilight Leather Set Enchanted (not bound) lvl 4 Attributes (Blessed TW Boots) About 150-200kk worth of Items, and 220kk Adena I have everything for security reasons(email at gmail, answers, questions, etc..)
  8. a stupid question doenst the trade window close when open inventory???
  9. why dont use walker buff options xD? or i miss something?
  10. somene got the same problem as me, when u get to the character selection screen and get a general protection error?!
  11. u realy need this? lazy to press 2 buttons? xD rofl, setting up this crap takes longer then enchanting manualy
  12. why are u even using this not even beta yet OS? its full of bugs and no one actually cares about it yet!!!