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  1. http://www.rpgplay.net/ Server on 12/01/11. Is there any bot for this server?
  2. i need l2w oog or ig for new server lineage 2... ip from server; this server use fire.dll and Server Hellbound http:www.lineageii.com.br Thx
  3. dsetup (wildcard) - disables GameGuard on Lineage II clients Interlude (746) through Gracia: Final. How to use? Copy dsetup.dll to \system - replace the existing dsetup.dll http://rapidshare.com/files/249815018/wildcard.rar
  4. ;Fyyre ;http://mfyyre.narod.ru/ ; ; a brief howto: This dll does one thing. It hooks DeleteFileA in the L2.exe process and makes it do nothing. This prevents BakeIce from deleting the host file by calling DeleteFileA. If you do not have LordPE already, please go now and download it from the RCE library at woodmann -->> http://www.woodmann.com/collaborative/tools/images/Bin_LordPE_2007-10-21_1.48_LordPE_1.41_Deluxe_b.zip now copy NoDelHosts.dll to Lineage II\system folder .. and follow the adding_import.pdf directions. Why do we patch L2.exe? I tel
  5. If y have money to spend ofc y will get it... But i think its the best pack for free
  6. I will just put the server files, without geodata and html.. This pack is a complete pack that many old servers dont have... so i am not scripting more and i will share with y all.. http://rapidshare.com/files/243837272/Servidor_C6_Comppleto.rar Pass: lapadanarachada IF Y LIKE JUST SAY THANKS If y need geodata and html files get it here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=51214.0
  7. This is ready to use just open xzCrk.exe and click to open walker http://rapidshare.com/files/238022418/L2Walker10.9.7.rar I have tested in NA Oficial Servers. If y like just say thanks. Ps.: Close all Game windows open, than open crack.
  8. ofc y dont need i just inform y the ids...
  9. Label(Start) Delay(10000) !CharBuffs(yourcharname,Prophecy of Fire[iD=1356]) { RequestJoinParty(your buffer,0) } delay(5000) CharBuffs(your buffer,Prophecy of Fire[iD=1356]) { RequestOutParty(yourbuffer) } Jmp(Start) Run this script in the char y want receive the buffs If y like plz say thanks This are the prophecys ID :p skill_id = 1355 skill_level = 1 name = [Prophecy of Water] skill_id = 1357 skill_level = 1 name = [Prophecy of Wind] skill_id = 1356 skill_level = 315 name = [Prophecy of Fire]
  10. y dont need rename the l2.bin.. Do This... 1 - Open Walker 2.09 2 - Open laucher and launch game L2walker will work because it scan y system to get control of l2.exe or l2.bin threads
  11. i think it was the faster crack posted here :p if i get news i will inform you.