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  1. hi i have char human fighter nobless with sub:necro,cov,treasure hunter and his main is sagi..
  2. hi i sell you 2 dusk and 6 char nobless for euro have any offer?
  3. hi i sell you 2 dusk and 1 account with 6 char nobless 1 has all skill+10 for euros offer me..
  4. hehe xD no matter i was the idiot cause i hear him so it isn't his fault it's mine :( i didn't know that xD i m learning now cause i m a newbie MaxCheater member :P
  5. i don't know why i noticed some topics that the links were dead and i post link is dead close topic as a friend of mine told me that if a link doesn't work i must do that and then the other day i saw my karma -1 :(
  6. ti sou leei no h yes?ama sou leei yes vale to password pou evales sthn mysql otan to ekanes egkatastash enw ama s leei no apla kane epanegkatastash to mysql..
  7. kalhspera.Epeidh eimai newbie kai twra arxizw na me8enw h8ela na se rwthsw katevazw to project kai afou ry8misw ths ip pataw start login kai game server kai mpenw kanonika h prepei na katevasw kai tpt allo?
  8. hellow to everyone i m new at this forum :)
  9. Congrats MaxCheaters that forum is the best i've ever seen! I hope that good records continue growing day by day :)
  10. i did everything you say and look what it says when i try connect:
  11. kalhspera se olous.Prospa8hsa na ftiaksw 1 aion server trexw kanonika start login kai game server alla otan prospa8w na sinde8w m vgazei afto to provlhma:
  12. i did everything you say with the aion unique packet and look what it says when i try connect: