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  1. Perfect High Five Pack for now, thanks for the support which answer really really fast !! #Kazuky
  2. Thanks for you commentary, does someone have the l2Jserver pack because the link on the official site is down. :) Edit : I will go for l2jsunrise, thanks you can close
  3. Ok, well, I'm a bit disturbed. Edit : I want to go H5 server sorry I didn't mention it I should go for : - aCis if I want to develop for month until I open - Frozen if I don't have any skill in Java Is that correct ? @Baggos no way I won't pay for ready project :) Edit 2 : I have 2 friends who program on Java and I programmed for 2 years in Python (apparently looks like)
  4. Ok thank you a lot, I have a friend who is really good in Java, I think I gonna try JServer as you said. Another opinion ?
  5. Well I want to do a PvP server (like majoritary) with GMShop, Buffer, TvT Events. I don't want to program a lot on Java to repair instances problem (door opening, mob spawns, etc.) so I don't really care if it works or not. Thanks !
  6. Hello community :) I'm back to ask you another request about the best L2J server packs, I know many exists but I want to know why i should choose one more than another. I wish you put the download link if possible and I'm only looking for free packs. So, as a know, there are : L2jserver L2jDatapack L2jFrozen L2jHellas Thank you in advance for help :)
  7. I've learned to use WS2012 and debian 7 but i'm more familiar with Windows anyway My server is a 2500k 12go I wish to host 200 players~
  8. thank you :) so i should go for debian 8 ?
  9. Hello community :) I will create a server but I wonder if I should take windows server 2008 or windows server 2012, does L2J works better with one of them ?
  10. What's the difference ? Does one need more skill ? Thanks :)
  11. Hey the link doesn't work anymore, can you reupload it pls ? thanks
  12. Can you share it on rapidshare or mediafire ?
  13. But i want to know how to make it. I won't like to have your opinion.