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  1. Xaxaxaxaxaxax i know what this guy talk was stack buffs i do it for years on the server i play on the pass i quit long time ago and noone know how i do it, with a storm screamer i reach 170k matak xd
  2. Tnks to vinter a little improve for gracia final (protocol 87) all credits to him:
  3. send me pm and we will see what we can do
  4. here u have test it: item: TL2Item; procedure checkDeath; begin if (User.Dead) then begin Print('Dead. Pressing to clanhall.'); Delay(1000); Engine.FaceControl(0,false); Engine.GoHome(rtClanHall); Delay(10000); end; end; procedure tunatun; begin Engine.SetTarget('Tunatun'); Delay(1000); Engine.DlgOpen; Delay(1000); Engine.DlgSel('Quest'); Delay(1000); Engine.DlgSel('Home Security'); Delay(1000); Engine.DlgSel('Listen to his concern'); Delay(1000); Engine.DlgSel('Offer to help'); Delay(1000); if (not Engine.QuestStatus(278, 1)) then
  5. hi folks i need to buy a custom interface for gracia final tnks
  6. pls dude make it for gracia final pls how much money you want for this pls tnks
  7. Run bot. Start task/service manager. Stop (don't end) the bot.exe process. Run l2.exe. Wait for GG/SG/LG to fully load. Start task manager again. Run the .exe file of the bot you are using. that work???? with smartguard try to using l2tower???
  8. how i can obtain this for gracia final???
  9. hi a question can u make this : http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/196581-high-five-extended-interface/ http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/201787-h5-custom-interface/ for gracia final?????