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  1. Hi! sell a parcel with 4-6 accounts main Phoenix knight 84 nobbles (75 destroyer) Icona + summon 7rb not done moirai h set with some att +3 cutter 300 wind vorpal/moirai jew and other stuff some skills +9 2 cov 79 7s not done 3 sws 85/75/75 4 pp 79 7s not done 5,6,7 bd 60, wk 56, spoil 73 main, cov, sws have mail for all 100e only paypal
  2. WTB Hi, pm me with offert for COV 78+ ofc with mail (no need eq)
  3. Hello, WTS PALL 82 witch all toi rb done IC SET, ICAR HAMMER, COMMON BIZ A (1 ring moirai), hat warrion helmet, some mats in inventry 80kk adeny or 320kk (it depends on whether another transaction will take place) more information pm
  4. Hello, wtb ~~ doomcrayer 78/80 pm me with u offert.
  5. like a topic wtb wc 60+ on l2 eglobal pm me with u price
  6. Hi, I have to sell an account with SM 83 lvl further adds SE 79 +dynasty robe summoner set +dynasty bow 150fire +summon79 +4, death spike+10, Heal summon+10 +600rur NOBLES + SUB75 TYRANT need to change mail 35e or u offert add me on skype or pm here pawelake
  7. hi, how much for pp 75 if u heave ? or plvl 1-75 ?
  8. Like a topic wts sorcer 82lvl no eq all toi done, need only wep b no noblees pa for 1m need to change mail epic price 30euro SOLD