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  1. Tales server rules: HF Interlude: Stalonka is a bulshiter. Mf who always lie and he thinks that everyone will just belive him. He will only ban his competition. Cuz he is selling items too (for donation coins). ppl with 1-2 bots are harmless cuz they are just exping or getting shit amout of adena/H. ppl with 4-8 bots with effective ways to get good items alwyas will be banned. "only ppl w/o real life will play l2 at summer time w/o bot lol" Tales is only for suckers that belive what stalonka and his pet achylek will say.
  2. Attention! Flat earther detected!
  3. Some server has more and some has less. Some admins checks spots and manualy do bans. Some hiring mods to do that. Some paying adr to stop. (but personally I don't believe it) Some are bulishts like those from tales. The point of that video? I dont know im bored. Mb its a promotion video for next big tales server. I have no idea. Or mb its just for spoting retards like that one, post below.
  4. I don't know what fairy tale you live in. But I wrote adr scripts as early as 2015.
  5. WTS adena on x4 l2dex classic server, 30kk in stock. 1kk = 2,5 EURO. Paypall. Skype: Arena.Fighter4125
  6. Character on the new classic server. 52 lvl I give all acc datas with full email password serial number and security questions. PM me with ur skype if u interesed. Price is 20 Euro.
  7. WTS ADRENALINE ENG KEY 27+ days 12 Euro Only paypal pm for info
  8. WTS ADRENALINE ENG KEY 27+ days 12 Euro Only paypal pm for info
  9. Wts cheap adena on rpg club x5 only paypal
  10. wtf how to buy smth from vendor i mean private store :X Engine.OpenPrivateStore([17, 1, 1000], 10, 'test'); its for setting a store but how the fuck i can buy from any store :>
  11. WTS on L2 (Gracia Final) E-Global x7: Doomcrayer 79 with cov Fenrir 78 Top EQ MJ Light Set All in one pack 15€ Only paypal
  12. If u place a wrong bypass name it will kick u from the server beacuse of antibot reason And make sure that for button there is a false value in the bypass command for buttons and true for links if it will be wrong u will get kicked again. begin engine.useitem(9516); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('buff_book_1.htm#9516', false); //NOW SELECT UR BUFFS NOW FROM THIS LIST: //http://pastebin.com/xuty9qeA //u need to cut out the bypasses for example //this is vampiric rage 2 times: delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('sb_r_b_p?id=324612#9516', true); delay(500); Engine.Byp