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  1. WTS adena on x4 l2dex classic server, 30kk in stock. 1kk = 2,5 EURO. Paypall. Skype: Arena.Fighter4125
  2. Character on the new classic server. 52 lvl I give all acc datas with full email password serial number and security questions. PM me with ur skype if u interesed. Price is 20 Euro.
  3. WTS ADRENALINE ENG KEY 27+ days 12 Euro Only paypal pm for info
  4. WTS ADRENALINE ENG KEY 27+ days 12 Euro Only paypal pm for info
  5. Wts cheap adena on rpg club x5 only paypal
  6. wtf how to buy smth from vendor i mean private store :X Engine.OpenPrivateStore([17, 1, 1000], 10, 'test'); its for setting a store but how the fuck i can buy from any store :>
  7. WTS on L2 (Gracia Final) E-Global x7: Doomcrayer 79 with cov Fenrir 78 Top EQ MJ Light Set All in one pack 15€ Only paypal
  8. If u place a wrong bypass name it will kick u from the server beacuse of antibot reason And make sure that for button there is a false value in the bypass command for buttons and true for links if it will be wrong u will get kicked again. begin engine.useitem(9516); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('buff_book_1.htm#9516', false); //NOW SELECT UR BUFFS NOW FROM THIS LIST: //http://pastebin.com/xuty9qeA //u need to cut out the bypasses for example //this is vampiric rage 2 times: delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('sb_r_b_p?id=324612#9516', true); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('sb_r_b_p?id=324612#9516', true); delay(500); //and so on and so on //after u finish buff section u need to go to the songs section by this: Engine.BypassToServer('buff_book_2.htm#9516', false); delay(500); //select ur dances and songs from list //http://pastebin.com/bq8ELmSw //cut out the bypasses and place it into the command (this is song of hunter): Engine.BypassToServer('sb_r_b_p?id=68865#9516', true); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('sb_r_b_p?id=68865#9516', true); delay(500); end.
  9. i will write it today for U, but first need to w8 for adr update :)
  10. its easy U need to load map from the zone that is for example 60k range far away it will works like fuck off all the mobs comments are in polish cuz its mine and u can ofc use translator. //level 7-20 if ((User.Level>6) and (User.Level<20)) then begin //TP orcbaracks while not (user.InRange(-90494, 108207, -3552, 500)) do begin Engine.BypassToServer('_bbshome', True); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgatekeeper', True); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgatekeeper_main-12.htm', True); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('14', True); delay(1000); end; //koniec TP orcbaracks engine.loadzone('OrcBaracks'); delay(500); Engine.FaceControl(0,true); while (User.InRange(-90440, 108104, -3552, 5000)) do begin delay(500); captcha(); checkdead(); checkbuff(); if (User.Level>19) then begin engine.loadzone('Zero'); while user.incombat do delay(1000); Engine.FaceControl(0,false); Print('LEVEL 20 ZMIENIAM SPOT'); captcha(); checkdead(); checkbuff(); //tp do aden while not (user.InRange(146217, 25191, -1992,500)) do begin delay(1000); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbshome', True); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgatekeeper', True); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('16', True); delay(1500); end; //koniec tp aden captcha(); checkdead(); checkbuff(); end; end; end; //koniec level 6-20
  11. another question Engine.UseKey(); Engine.UseKey(13);//enter Engine.UseKey($26);//up Engine.UseKey($28);//down what code is for simple mouse left click or how to move cursor on location and clicking without infocus the window