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  1. Selling chars on Skelth - Accepting money only Via Skrill or Western Union! Tyrant lvl 70 - 270€ (BW heavy set+3, Dragon Grinder, Top B fists +3 othell lvl 7, B/A Jewlery) Warsmith lvl 52 90€ (Got all shots in craft book D/C/B grade) Propeth lvl 49 75€ (52 lvl skills with deathwhispher, Karmian set, C jewlery, dys, weapon with iss lvl 7) Phantom Ranger 60 lvl 80€ 75€ Propeth lvl 49 (skills from lvl 52 with deathwhisper), karmian set, C jewelry, weapon with iss lvl 7 - 70€ 55€ Blade Dancer lvl 58 (Duals C grade with lvl 8 iss rune) 80€ 70€ sold for 65€ via Western Un
  2. Good server, they actually care about preventing people from boting.
  3. Gonna make sure to clear it, send question here I will reply asap.
  4. List will be updated added stuff/removed stuff: ALL CHARS ARE MANUALLY LEVELED & ALL ADENA/EQUIP LEGIT! Warcryer lvl 56+ (full skills researched) It comes with Divine Robe set C grade Jewlery It have many xp scrolls 30% 100 € SOLD FOR 90 EUROS Blade Dancer lvl 58+ (Full skill researched) It comes with Zubei Heavy set C grade jewlery Dual C grade with Iss lvl 7 It have also some xp scrolls 30% 130 € Phantom Ranger lvl 60+ (Full skills researched) Can come with equip or without Equip. 100 € Equip & Items for sale: Doom Light Set Plate
  5. Send in private message your offer and skype and you will be added if offer is proper.
  6. As it says in title! [skelth]Clan hall in gludin [skrill only!] Write me offers in private message and write your skype, if its serious offer I will add you and we can talk about it! Expectations for clan hall are around 200+ euros
  7. Selling Hawk Eye 52 lvl and 70% Eminence bow +8 str -10 con Plated Leather set Top C jewlery Another 15 days left on the account Blade Dancer 48 lvl Mid D Duals Compound armor Another 15 days left on account payed Warcryer lvl 50 and 70% Elven Mithril set (7 Movement speed) Another 15 days on the account payed For each char I need an serious offer, you can send me your skype in private message and I will add you in case an offer is serious enough
  8. Special sale: Blessed Earing of Zaken +5 Added
  9. You can order adena/chars Special sale: Blessed Earing of Zaken +5 Payments can be send by PayPal and Skrill For any questions you can ask here on forum or on skype: topitemtrader Reminder: we do not trade you stuff before we receive payment!
  10. Prices are not FIX and they can be changed depending on amount you purchase Selling items: Weapons: Skull Carnium Bow +8 (focus) 300 Attribute (offers only) Skull Carnium Bow +7 (focus) 300 Attribute (35 €) Skull Carnium Bow +4 (focus) 300 Attribute (20 €) Vesper Dual Swords +6 300 attribute (10 €) Vesper Caster +4 (Acumen) (4 €) Vesper Buster +4 (Acumen) (4 €) Vesper Cutter +6 (Focus) (5 €) Armors: Vesper Noble Heavy Master Work +6 full lvl 7 Attribute (30 €) (in game is 600 coins cost to buy it) Vorpal Light set +6 lvl 7 attribute (25 €) Vesper Noble Robe Master w
  11. If you buy more then 3 "items" you will get 20% discount on current prices!
  12. Delete this topic please Double post
  13. Characters: Mystic Muse 85+ all FS lvl 82 3 euros Nobless Shilien Saint 83+(Subclass Soul Taker lvl 80) 3 euros Nobless Titan 83+(full certificates,fighters will, all FS lvl 82) Nobless Moonlight Sentinel Nobless Trickster (all FS lvl 82, Full subs certs, Judicator lvl 80 with +13+14 Apetite, etc...) Nobless 8 euros Shilien Templar (Have SOS, all FS lvl 82) Equipment: Any S84 Weapon Dynasty Crusher 300 Attribute Risk Focus ~~Hot~~ 12 euros Dynasty Crusher 150 Attribute Risk Focus ~~Hot~~ 8 euros Vesper Nobl Robe set 900+ attribute ~~Hot~~ 8
  14. Cannot suspend it, only "kill it" and then when I try to log it gives same error "update client to log in" :( Got any solution?
  15. As you can see in the image I cannot update it and I get this error, i tried it with running client and without it.
  16. You got the screen shot 1 minute after the skype contact, everything that was needed was showed on screen shot. Problem is that you are trying to get people banned, even you yourself showed the screen which got you to self own yourself a bit. thnx for free bump.
  17. Added my skype in topic: Trading Stuff