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  1. Lineage ][ Kings website: http://www.lineagekings.com forum: http://forum.lineagekings.com = Rates = Exp/Sp: 15x Adena : 15x Epic raid drops: 1x Spoil rate: 15x Quest Adena rate: 3x Quest Exp rate: 3x Party Exp rate: Retail Safe Enchant Rate = 4 Enchant Rate for Magic Weapons Lower than Level 15: 66% Enchant Rate for Magic Weapons Equal or Post Level 15: 30% Enchant Rate for Normal Weapons Lower than Level 15: 70% Enchant Rate for Normal Weapons Equal or Post Level 15: 35% Enchant Rate for Armors Retail Like. Spawn Protection = 30s Max Buy Stores = 4 Max Sell
  2. Server started not long ago, and advertisement was low due to holidays. Bump.
  3. Antibot (GameGuard) DDOS Protected. Open date: 24.12.2012.
  4. URL: http://www.l2offspring.com Forum: http://forums.l2offspring.com Contact: support@l2offspring.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Offspring Open date: 24.12.2012. Rates XP/SP: 100x Adena: 500x Drop: 10x Raid Boss Drop: 1x Max SubClass: 3 Spoil: 10x Party XP/SP: 2x Weight Limit: 10x Enchant Rates Normal Enchant = 66% Blessed Enchant = 66% Ancient Enchant = 76% Divine Enchant = 100 Safe Enchant = +4 Max Enchant = +21 Features Auto Registration. Flame of Splendor Barakiel respawn is 6hours. Buffer Buffs Durati
  5. WTB [L2J] High Five Server/Client protection and WEB PayPal Donation System. Looking for offers - pm me.
  6. We wish to invite you to be a part of a brand new private server. To be a part of a community, to make new friends and to achieve goals with them. To be a part of one realm, where players control the game, the outcome of the battles between The Mighty Alliance and The Powerful Horde. These battles can take place in the usual battlegrounds, arenas and why not if you like to in the city`s of the opposite faction. We are not planning to make this a server for a few players, we are trying to build up a community, where we can be friends or foes in game and good friends in real life. We are
  7. Tryskell The link for l2jGeodataSynchronizer doesn't work anymore....
  8. great server, almost bugless.
  9. Was just doing my civil duty ... didn't know it was already reported. cheers!
  10. Link broken! Can you upload onto another site?