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  1. anyone can help ? code below /** The _shadow item. */ private final L2ItemInstance _shadowItem; /** * Instantiates a new schedule consume mana task. * @param item the item */ public ScheduleConsumeManaTask(final L2ItemInstance item) { _shadowItem = item; } /* * (non-Javadoc) * @see java.lang.Runnable#run() */ @Override public void run() { try {
  2. Hello everyone, I find that its already disuss about this on this forum, but for aCis project, I just want to know how to edit code for Frozen Pack to make: Shadow items taking mana also in inventory not only equiped. I am newbie in this, and trying to find how the think conected / working. I am find this code, I am supposed that should be changed somehow. I will be glad for any help. Thank you (sorry for my bad english)
  3. luckies


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  4. luckies

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