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  1. After long L2 break I'm back.. gonne test it
  2. lol +8 I was the first that broke ds to 17 ;D also 2 other at 16 :D I stopped playing there long ago so ...
  3. Im almost sure, the success rate is higher there. Its not possible for retail OE rate to get sth like that.
  4. I always wondered what elemental protection buff earth part was ^^. Good to know.
  5. I'm almost sure, that L2P will have same protection then supremel2. So it will be not easy ::)
  6. Nothing is shutting down for me. My probs are in a other corner. But I got bored of trying that and this...
  7. It's basically for C4 off server. Should work for many still.
  8. another LoL Many server don't even have the name "treasure box" still left.. It's just only Treasure Chest left. And for that is alot better program out where u see ID's ;D
  9. It was possible till last major update. Heard nothing new about it...
  10. lol spam ur topic .... that bug is older like my grandma
  11. This was posted here already anywhere, but can't find it at the moment.
  12. What client runs the server ? It worked for me in a server too, where it didnt found the .exe. When u login and see ur char name in the panel it should also work, only prob is then when u try to buy a item u get dc. In a Interlude server it was like that for me. Maybe when u crack gg it won't dc u. But if u can connect then is the other question :S.
  13. There are too many high rates server already out there. To get ppl's attention u need auto events and stuff like that.