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  1. L2Net is not beeing updated anymore... the developers ended work on it. Man, about that gayporn u r downloading... u wanna talk about it? ...
  2. So here 's an update. I managed to run, got some server information on the start and then mostly got disconected from the server or didn't get any packet read. # i used modifed clean HF system file #i used 294 and 295beta / no problem listening to servers... only packet read was some weird language and on start on popup window (right corner) as if some npc wanted trade or invite // and then error forcibly killed threads My presumption is that l2net doesn't work because "system" file was altered, my gues are these 2 files interface.u and interface.xdat. guess nr2 is that blowfisk / token isn't correct... and one more... while running "netstat -n" I figured out that most "INTERLUDE" servers are actually "HF servers".. if this helps... I wish u all the best, and may u help each other.. "I am no programmer, I play for fun and don't want to pay for bot per month / cuz it's f%@ing ripoff..." If you can help, u can add me on discord: yak3#4165
  3. Hi, it's been a long long time since I last played L2 and used l2net. I have problems loging into game with l2net. How can I bypass that? Has anybody succeded in this or is there any new bot that works on this server? Thank you in advance
  4. Hello, Would like to request a bot for L2Elixir, its a fairly new server. If anyone is still active, give me a holler back.
  5. does this work for hellbound client? it says the client is not running, even though it is:) ty
  6. Hello! I would like to know if there is a working l2walker for Dragon-network and if someone can post it here. The client there is Gracia Final! thankyou very much:)
  7. Hello! I was wondering if anyone has or can help me get the bot for L2EX. this is their site. Thanks a lot!
  8. mhm, try to edit some settings on L2net. It should work. walker is not safe there. Cya
  9. th, because it has 2 more in fighter stats all together (str/dex/con)..
  10. ye mpj i put them in maps folder in l2walker folder (those dat files) and it still doesn't recognize them :( which pack from should i download for the IG oracle walker? thx
  11. umm guys :) where and how i put them in l2walker folder so it recognizes them as maps and uses them? :)
  12. the links for eL2Walker 2.05 Gracia Ct 2.2 eL2Walker 2.07 Gracia Ct 2.2 eL2Walker 2.09a Gracia Ct 2.2 L2Walker 2.13 OracleL2Walker 2.16c are not working properly... everytime rapidshare asks you to get premium acc pls another mirror