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  1. I found there were no relationship to npc id. There is other factor actually.
  2. Nope, it's not a matter of paid or cracked version of bot program. It is so funny that I just found the reason. It's a bug of adrenaline/l2walker. Now I can make all other NPCs undetectable by those bot programs. This is so funny and silly bug. Problem solved! Close this topic please.
  3. I found very strange thing about adrenaline. When I spawn squash npc (id: 12774, 12777, 12778, 12779, 13016, 13017), I don't see those npcs in the list of NPC on adrenaline. I checked this with l2walker but l2walker didn't show me those npcs either. It's like transparent npcs. Anybody knows why? Only those NPCs are not detectable. It's very strange.
  4. How to put background image like that in html? Not icons but big images. How?
  5. Thanks for the tip. But I got all the buildings disappeared with no frames at all. Different look.
  6. Incomplete share! Not recommended unless he uploads all the necessary files.
  7. I logged in l2e-global.com. When I clicked on mouse wheel, I got a transparent map. Does anybody know how to implement this?
  8. Does this updated system work on win10 as well? Anyone tested it?
  9. Engine.dll from system 148 and system 152 is not the same. So copying is not the answer.
  10. Instead of system 148, I found system 152 for epilogue. But it's english system. I'm using korean client and full of *-k.dat files in my system 148. I changed languageset in localization.ini and copied all *-k.dat from system 148 into system 152 but I could not see korean fonts in game at all. If I can use korean languages and *-k.dat in system 152, it might be easier to solve my problem. I found out one thing. My system was packed by themida and distributed by Fyyre. But I have no contact info of Fyyre.