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  1. Best server I tried, busy and no p2w. People who is trashtalking are just some gifted noobs from that trash corrupted server. ♥ Remorse ♥
  2. Hello, I'd like to have an script for l2 classic to extract fragments at a determined level. What it would need is, when you hit the desired level, you need to be out of combat, extract fragment and then start attacking again.
  3. Hey, I sell some adena from official l2 Classic (Na), need to buy VIP account 10k = 5 $ PM me for more information.
  4. i have a problem when i try to edit l2.ini it says: Header not found! Maybe this file is not encrypted. Try to load the file anyway? i accept and it only appears one "L" plis help me, the sv is
  5. i think its fixed :S but ty for this guide!