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  1. Currently playing here, server seems nice so far!
  2. Whenever i try launching l2.exe it just wont start, what is the matter with the system ? the launch logo appears for 5 seconds and then dissappears without launching l2.
  3. Selling trickster with vorpal light set +6 lvl 4 attribute, vesper shooter+10 focus lvl7 , most skills are maxed, 6kkk adena, and other items, very cheap, via PayPal. PM me for more info.
  4. Explain ples :D Also giran,aden,goddard emtpy as fuck XD
  5. Come on,shut up with your fake online, 600 ppl on and giran almost empty ? around 20 active ppl in giran. Max online is about 150-200.
  6. Very good server, tested many things till now , everything looks OK.
  7. So, when this server will go LIVE 1 september or 22 august ?
  8. totally agree with this, everytime 500+ online ^^ , morning , midnight.
  9. Yeah , seems like it won't start on windows 8.1 also , waiting for a fix.
  10. edit : this is fail server , daggers are op with awesome lethal chance , i got armor + max and also attributed and i take 7k from daggers , also they kill the rbs that drop epics by 3 or 2 thx! no chance against them, admin doesnt give a fck about the bugs. ~i was hoping this would have been a good server but it isnt. LF HIGH FIVE PVP SERVER !
  11. pretty cool server , it only needs players!! join!
  12. Server Closed , look on website ^^. gl hf.