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  1. exchange was without problem , buth script was not full only 50% , no db sql , no configs and now he only ignore at skype. I think he dont understand, because when i asked where is database sql , he said dont need it . So if you cant sell full script better dont post . Thanks for nothings
  2. Made a trade without problem . Good luck
  3. no... i have tried sorry engo buth is true...
  4. with engo system you can get reward without voting , i need other and better system
  5. Buth inside server is crash.......... .htm files cant fix ? Look at your vote reward npc , at servernews.htm , .menu . I see in this server only anti ddos is good , buth no more ,
  6. its hard for you press ALT+B and find gatekeeper ?
  7. Daggers fixed , yes it was too big lethal chance, .....
  8. Join us , and try it for yourself ;)