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  1. Hello Community, i would like to demostrate a text preview for an up coming server I would like you to participate in this with me and share your thoughts & your suggestion here about what features you'd like to see in server nowadays L2OFF Files Server Rates : Exp : x75 Sp: x75 Adena: x45 Items Drop: x15 Quest Item Drop x10 ____________________________________ Game Main Currency : Gold Dragon Coins ____________________________________ GM SHOP UP TO A GRADE (NO SA For A Grades) GMShop With Exchanger GoldBars --> Main Currency Vote For Gold Dragon Coins & More ____________________________________ Mammon Shop : Enchant Scrolls & BOGs & Dyes Buy Enchant Scrolls & BoGs for AA Buy Blesded Enchant Scrolls for Gold Dragon Coins ____________________________________ Enchants Rates Safe +3 Max +16 Normal : 60% If Fail gg ---> Crystals Blessed : 30% If Fail ----> Remains The Same. ____________________________________ Costume System : ARMORS without changing stats Weapons no yet sure. ____________________________________ Farming : Champion System: Farming Mobs Adena & S Grades 76+ Farm Zones : FoG/ IT / MoS / HotS / More _________________________________________ Donates Are Only Costumes & Premium Account Features : Per Month / Exp: +50% Sp: +50% Adena: +50% Drop: +50% _________________________________________ Nobless Not yet Sure 1) Quest 2) Barakiel Last Hit. __________________________________________ This is for the moment what i can share with you i would like to hear from all suggestion and thoughts. Thank you in advance more to come. ____________________________________
  2. Hello guys, im uploading the background and logo i want to my smf theme but as the files are uploaded nothing happens to the theme, is there any solution for this id be glad if anyone could help me out. thanks you and
  3. Hello Guys & Goodmorning, Im selling webhosting & domain names, my aim is to help people buy affortable webhosting services at low price special for L2 private servers, with unlimited bandwidth Since my website is still under construction, if you like a host and a domain for you server pm me we can discuss for a good cheap or free offer, you can pm me for more info, i can provide even without website my services from Cpanel & WHM. im providing cheap web hosting services for private servers, small/medium bussiness Thanks for your time & do not hassitate to contact me for further information. Skype : Psycho0Gamer323 Url : (Do Not Order From website yet)
  4. Hello Guys, Does anyone know any other website that shares custom armor and weapons for lineage 2? thanks you!
  5. Hello Community, I set my vision time and money to create a website 2D based game, id like you guys to share your ideas. what kind of game you'd like to play or any features you'd like to see in a website game. You can share your thoughts about Website games or the genres you like to play or anything related with website games. Thanks you. :-)
  6. Alright Thanks you brother! I just found out this deep web i've never heard about it before, and i'm so curious to find out whats in it. I also read that it has some real sick content in it, they are not ok they sick in their minds for money and about to some crazy stuff.. Like this dasis destruction if u ever heard about it. omg man really i can't belive u can pay for live streaming torture that will end up in death how can people pleasure them selfs this way? we are living in a very sick world!
  7. All that shit is legal i mean using it? my friend used it and i saw some paypal account for sale in very cheap prices its really works? i mean it looks like u can make easy money this way, but im sure its not right. ? ps i want to know few things if anybody can explain how it works.
  8. Hello guys i just want ask few questions about deep web does anybody know anything?
  9. Hello, when i change the ip to localhost the game wont start but when its the l2 offcial ip its starts normally any suggestion?
  10. Please vote for the rates you like to play. Thanks you
  11. yes this gonna be a server and i'm looking for people to work on it!
  12. Good afternoon community, Few words about L2 Premium Project L2 Premium Project is an Interlude project based on java. Its a mid rate server with customs [armors,weapons,accessories]. Am trying to create a balanced server with a unique gameplay experience, with many features that will make the player enjoying his play time. Anyone who want to help is welcome by sharing ideas giving advice at . i am not just trying to create a server but a good community dont really care how much people but good people.! In to the point. I need some people who is serious people witch i can trust and work together for the best results. -Developers -Client Developers -Web Moderators Pm Me or add me in skype Psycho0Gamer323 Thanks for your time Kindly MK Arigato