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  1. Lupin

    [Share]GRotation V3

    offtopic: how is the ui mod called that u use in the video?
  2. Does this work only with lvl 70 pets?
  3. can u explain where do i have change this code. do i have decode some files?
  4. the file unichat.dll contains the trojan virus 'TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen', is this fake?
  5. In my opinion is Baldurs Gate 2 + Addon the best RPG ever. I wonder what games are called here as rpg :P. also try Gothic 2, its not that popular outside germany but a really great rpg.
  6. Dark Seed 1+2. its a very very old game but i was as a kid really scared cuz of its weird atmosphere.
  7. 1. Gothic 2 +AddOn 2. La2 3. Warcraft 3 4. Oblivion 5. WoW 6. D2 7. CoD4 8. StarCraft 9. HL2 10. World in Conflict
  8. I will surely try it. did anyone checked the korean version already?
  9. here a funny video about a nice costume :P http://rapidshare.com/files/197127179/costume.wmv.html
  10. hi, iam a computerscience student from germany. i hacked/botted on some other mmo's before. mostly on maplestory cuz it was so easy :P. now i try the l2j servers. greetings lupin