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  1. Hey people .. what's up ? :)) I want your help about a professional signature.. Do your best.. Signature : Text : ` eRRoR ^ SubText : Professional Player Theme : Counter Strike 1.6 Avatar : I want my avatar like the signature..as i have it now..same avatar - same signature .. ! Thnks..;)
  2. He is not the only one..the most video on youtube..are with bot's ..anyway Scout ? //fail..
  3. Ehh thnks ;) No of course..i never use cheat's .. the last time was before 1 + year just for fun but now counter strike for me is like a serious game and i don't even think to use cheat's..!
  4. Yea sxe detect this .. They can't tell you something .. there are player's with pro skills on azoom .. anyway
  5. This topic has been moved to Off-Topics. [iurl]http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=96832.0[/iurl]
  6. Mm it's cool guide yea....and very helpfull .. Thnk you hot.. +1
  7. The Tournament to be cool must have a dedicate server but it is a little hard.. The last tournament was failed cause of some reason's .. [ not the team..the team was great ] .
  8. He is teh best player.... His clan is on the top too....Cyber you just don't know what practise mean....
  9. _cl_autowepswitch something like that .... That's the command . Just write it on console ..
  10. It just own.... Blane is right....make it a bit bigger . Good Job .