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  1. Note added You should record a demo from the beginning until the end . For the better operation of the tournament .
  2. Yae only from admins . They press the voteban command and the user's can easy vote .
  3. [glow=red,2,300]Ok let's see what we made here :D Official map : de_dust2 Player's : ` eRRoR ^ , Morian ` eRRoR ^ vs Morian 1 vs 1 A picture is here : [/glow] [glow=red,2,300]Demo is here :[/glow] Demo
  4. Auto pou 8es den nomizw ektos an sxediaseis ta weapon allou game sta weapon tou cs . Alla den einai ka8olou eukolo .
  5. Ehm you didn't understand something . It's not about my score . Here any member can post his best score . That's why is on the sticky list . Got it ?
  6. The picture in the first post has got a problem .. i will try to restore it , cause my main pc has a problem so i can't find the picture . Anyway the score is 75-9 Kills = 75 Deaths = 9 Topic stickied . Post here your best score's on online server .
  7. Topic has already created by me . Also the official topic will be sticky . Here is the original one , post ur best score's there : http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=63108.0
  8. Vote Ban ○Description Like title says it's a plugin used to ban players by vote. When you type '[/][.]voteban' a menu with current players on server will appear and you can vote who you want to ban. (You can only vote once for same player, and if you leave server, the vote will be removed). After selecting the wanted player, you can enter a ban reason. Players will be checked after each vote, so if player have more than X%(percent) votes, will be banned by setted amount of time. The plugin has a restrict system, that will not let the players go away more than 'z'
  9. Knife Duel ○Description This plugin was originally made by "Johnny got his gun". When two players from different teams are alive, and want to make a knife duel, one can challenge other by slashing the wall 'x' times(solid map brush). Duel challenge is made through a menu and chat messages. When the challenged player accept the duel, players will be automated moved to a "Predefined origins",face to face,stored at map start.A countdown timer 'y' will count the time until the knife duel starts for real, players can recive damage.Until then players have time to prepare and
  10. Newbie map . Easy score . This is an imba score :) Official Topic for posting score picture's is here . http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=63108.0
  11. Simple Cheatserver-Hack v4 by b2k5 0. VAC2 a) Can I use this on VAC2 Servers? - Yes, you can. b) Will I get banned? - No. 1. Contents a) SCSHv4 - This is the normal version b) SCSHv4_2x - This is the 2x Speed version c) SCSHv4_cam - This is the chase_cam version d) SCSHv4_2x_cam - This is the cominition of 2x and cam 2. How to use? a) Launch CS1.6 or CZ b) Wait for game to load c) Launch desired version d) Join a Server 3. Features a) NameESP b) WeaponESP c) BarrelESP d) VisibleESP e) SoundESP f)
  12. dZ CSS Legit/Rage Public H00k v2.0 *********************************** Coded by : Shad0w/g0dl1ke Release Date : 30.6.09 Version : 2.0 [Public] Status : VAC2 Proof – Day of Realease : 30.6.09 ———————————– FEATURES : Aimbot AIMBOT – Activate AUTO-SHOOT AUTO-PISTOL AIM-SPOT AIM HEIGHT – ADJUST AIM PREDICTION Aim Removals NO RECOIL NO SPREAD – 1 = Thundaga 2 = PREDICTED SPREAD VISUAL RECOIL REMOVAL Esp Options NAME ESP HEALTH ESP – 1 = TEXT 2 = BAR WEAPON ESP BOX ESP CIRCLE ESP STEAM ID ESP Visual Removals NO S
  13. Read the rules dude . You can't advertise other web sites in here .
  14. Oxi . Gold Member ginete kapios mono otan ton protinoun ta perissotera member apo to staff tou forum . Btw move to topic sto spam section .
  15. Advertising is not allowed in this forum . Lock and jank the topic someone please .
  16. R.I.P ! [ anatrixiazw kai pou to lew ]
  17. In the next flame post i will start to share - karma's .... ! I WARNED YOU . Someone Global Mod delete these flaming post's .
  18. Ok i don't think that you have to solve your difference about the staff here . Good Luck with your server ReVeNGeR . :)
  19. Happy birthday to us ! hehe :D CS the best game ever :)
  20. First of all you can't give karma . But you can get -1 karma from me :) Why ? Because all of your post's are spam . We have rules and you have to use them all . Check them .