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  1. watch out guys, new scammer on the block, told me he had 11b to sell, I sent the money on paypal 2 times and he refunded back because he said he was having some problem with fees, then asked me to use skrill instead, I send the money and never saw the adena, his name is Robert Krzyanowski proof
  2. R99 robe set AQ soul Orfen soul Blessed zaken Istina ring/earing/necklace wizard R99 retributer Longing Hunter Tali
  3. As title says, I'm a trusted member of this forum and willing to pay the right amount of money for hte right char! Inbox me with details
  4. I don't have a complete proof that this guy is a scammer, just alerting everyone that he asked me to send the money as gift and when asked he refused to provide me with a Skype address, dodgy
  5. As the title says, the char has unknown name, all possible augments you can imagine, reflects, etc, skills enchants +6+8 and some gear on it, lf offers on pm check my other content where you can see my feedback
  6. UP! iss 99/99 for sale!!! pm me!
  7. post edited! Bump!
  8. as the titles says, 0 Billion in stock Only paypal accepted and as usual money first as a gift and then the adena, I'm trusted and recommended by plenty of people in this forum, just check my content! Good Shopping!