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  1. Website down, login down! Whats going on ?
  2. lol'd i just want to spend my time on this server abit :'(
  3. same thing, "All servers down" any idea whats going on ;
  4. We need id/psw to access the website.. any ideas how to get em ;
  5. after creating char and log in i can't move, i cant restart, i cant chat wtf? :)
  6. As the title says i sell character in Infinite L2 (RvB) Char Team:Blue Class Main: Ghost Sentinel 77 lvl SubClass: Storm Screamer 80 lvl Gear: x2 Dc robe sets x2 mj jewels set Wizard Tear Acumen +16 x2 Agathions 500 gold bars 500 Blank scrolls MJ Leather set NM Leather set 8000 Adena 7000 pvp Sold