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  1. retard? I answer you private msg 20 min ago dont spam my topic thank! https://prnt.sc/umkqe4 nice try
  2. Retards from russia try scammed me. https://prnt.sc/u7kzm2 https://prnt.sc/u7kzsx I know owner @citygamer also @MeVsYou please check and ban. After I accepted his request on Skype and answered him he immediately wrote to me here LMAO! https://prnt.sc/u7l182 "ERROR" u really retard go get a normal job sucker.
  3. g1encore cannot receive messages. LMAO i have pp 60+/SE 60+.
  4. Selling Doomcryer 79 LVL {Full Skills} 250 EUROS @MeVsYou Please close.
  5. Draconic Bow +8 Baium +6 Zaken +6 Tezza +0 Baium +0 Also character WC 80 lvl (Noobles)
  6. WTS AQ 120 eu MJL (unsealed) 140 eu Draconic Bow +3 [Focus] 200 eu WC 79 CoV naked 200 eu
  7. Website down, login down! Whats going on ?
  8. lol'd i just want to spend my time on this server abit :'(
  9. same thing, "All servers down" any idea whats going on ;
  10. We need id/psw to access the website.. any ideas how to get em ;