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  1. To begin thanks for the guide. The only problem is that i cant get it to work. I can login etc. hut when i'm in game it says that is isnt veryied! I play at www.llineage2dreams.com Do you know what tot do? Thnx anyway
  2. First of all , ty for this very nice video! I finally understand how its done =p.. Could someone tell me if its working on l2 euroworld C4 server , because they have the same enchanting system.
  3. Hmmm , but it takes so damn long to get good gear , so i thought i could use some help ^^. But anyway thanks for the replys! ;)
  4. Omg , sorry i thought i hitted the edit button ::)
  5. Does it only works on l2J interlude , or also c4 l2off ^^ ? really would like to kill AQ
  6. Hey , I was wondering if there were any bugs/exploits/tricks available for the l2euroworld c4 server. I did searched but i couldnt find any.. So if any has something , you can post it here or pm me. Regards
  7. LOL , how were you able to trick him like that =p
  8. I dont know if this method is dead , but the link certain is : The file could not be found. Please check the download link.
  9. Hey noob. You are lucky that you found this awesome forum! Gl ;)
  10. Well i quess destroyeris better but you need to be skilled. Because its a kinda hard class to play. but warlord can loot like hell =p
  11. Mirrors edge for the pc , If you have a good videocard its really realistic
  12. Totally agree , that would be sick :O