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  1. cuz when start server after 5 min auto shutdown whitout any inform at consoles..
  2. https://mega.nz/#!gglBRDRB!5Jxh9XTA3kLtWhKg0o_qafZ-YZs0tPLxT2OdNKwBnAo This is pack but is locked..
  3. Some one can reupload this npcs ? https://maxcheaters.com/topic/215441-acis-redesigned-npcs-protoftw/
  4. Ok,I Fix it.Reinstall Windows with full Format HDD.
  5. With witch program to check for malwaries? Ok,i was scan with Malwarebytes Premium, and results 0.But l2 lag.. i try delete SmrtService and shows [SC] OpenService FAILED 1060: That service is unavailable. now i remembered that before i was deleting something from the system folder and it was working fine, but i don't remember what it is.
  6. I was disable and add l2 at DEP i was try CCleaner i was try L2 Compability I always disable firewall ( i didnt have anti -virus program ). Graphic card last drivers was at 2015 year. this lag happens when i was try L2 Cadmus server and put patch at l2 interlude ..after that on all chronicle i have this lag...