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  1. nice strategy, but how about in olympiad
  2. it exists just need to adjust it to your server items.
  3. Go to policy in walker. Place your two weapons there then on the bottom click when target hp< put 98% use direct attack. Or just play with those settings I do it all the time very easy.
  4. go to oren and try this de lvl . select the attack npc under the basic options tab
  5. Its only possible if the buffer bot is not selling anything. You can go to chat settings and whenever a player whispers cov you can buff him, but you need a custom script to buff after someone buys a item from your store
  6. Put the scripts in your script folder in your l2 walker. Then when you open up l2 walker click script on the right tabs then then select scripts then run it
  7. you have to make a custom script for a private server
  8. BY THE WAY i forgot to mention that you don't need a script for that. Just click begin combat for attacking and for returning to town go to options then buff then down towards the buff items put scroll of escape and set the seconds to 50 mins. Also you can cick return to town several ways read your options.
  9. I am having trouble with all my walker to auto manor so make a custom script or find one. I need one to because my server's manor is glitched and gives 20x more fruit.
  10. I know its been 2 years form post date, but some one else might run into this post so have your low lvl active follow attack and then go to item settings and pick items before attack and make sure you increase his item pickup distance. Real important have the picking up bot WEAPONLESS! and buff him with speed buffs depending on how fast you kill. You can always stop him by turning active follow attack off.
  11. No one is posting here so start searching forums because I need some also