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  1. Ok i have a problem with walker for interlude.. Whenever i try to login with walker i freeze about 3 minutes after i login :/ What can i do?
  2. You have to reupload the patch in the how to connect section because it is not working any more and i dont think many ppl will find the 4shared patch in forums..
  3. You cant open inventory while having trade open.. And no idiot would give you his weapon...
  4. Ok i logged in. I hope you really take that seriously because i was looking for a server like that badly :P When i get my first subclass i will tell you impressions but it seems nice allthough i think im the only player on ;D
  5. I am looking for a real pvp stuck subs server where all skills stuck not just 1 or 2 from each subclass as it is in mafia.. Except core and mafia ;D And it should have enough people :P Too hard? Any ideaS? IL ofc
  6. The link isnt working. It redirects me to filefront home page..
  7. There is no such skill on elf elder passives that heightens your p attack with blunts... http://lineage.pmfun.com/?action=list&what=skillcompare&button=Show&c1=30&c2=30&x=31&y=15
  8. Thank you. Im gonna try it out now. EDIT: Ok i cant login.. I tried out your guide for CT1+ but i cant make it work :/ Is there any guide specific for IL i can use or can u tell me what to do??
  9. Is there any version of l2walker working right now on mafia?? Cause i need it to make buffs and restore mp... With the one i have (1.78 upgraded to 1.79) i cant move or talk after 2 minutes im logged in with Walker... Is there maybe some other programm tha i can use to make this job??
  10. You need a kamael char to do that or can you do it without theM ???
  11. The bot isn't working for a long time now.. Please some mod lock this topic.
  12. You will have to wait some more time till you can use In Game walker in gracia... Btw don't double post...
  13. Kai bebaia tha plirwneis.. Eleos dld. kai tha bgei kapoia stigmi to 2009 :(
  14. Anyone tried this??? It is similar to the warehouse enchant... I don't think this will work but i 'll try it as soon as I can and tell you. Keep up the good work ;D