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  1. I got frezzed when i added a sub, so i cant talk to magister till i got the screen with congratz and the skill.
  2. Im trying to do a script for buy weps on GM shop, but the DLGSEL dont work with that buttons, look: My script is: LABEL(Event) NPCSEL(Woodrow[iD=30837]) NPCDLG(Woodrow[iD=30837]) STRINDLG(Swords) Delay(30) JMP(Event) But he dont select the button sword, so the windown wont open. I can make it work on that 'links' like DLGSEL(See the lord and tax...), but, what comand for the button?
  3. Gimme teh link, i will try talk with them =] And ppl, i know how to change user, already said it, but i said "when i change i got Critical error on that l2", so it dont work for me.. maybe for u, someone can try? Maybe the criticals errors occour cause my pc is not so good.
  4. Hey ppl, i have noticed that some ppl are using dual box on supreme, how this is possible? I tried change the users on windows but, when i change i got critical error =/ Some one know how dual box? =] Ty, And sorry for the english.