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  1. You don't need to fix it. You can do it two ways as it been said. Either you edit skills xml for time you want. Or you create new skills whitch ones AIO uses and set the time you want in there. And if you want to use Sweets code, then you need to look around and find code part and then to make it work. You need to be trying and show some kind a progress, dont just ask for custom fixes.
  2. Hello, maybe anyone has cheap iss for sale ? :) Or it can be any class before iss in 80~85 level Pm with ur offers
  3. Hello all maybe some has iss on Naia and dont use it or dont need it anymore :) I would love to borrow it :) please pm if anyone has.
  4. C:\Windows\system32>ping Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again. I even cant ping your website :)
  5. U cann addapt for any ch. Yes i tested it, but its need more changes, this is just basic script not compeleted fully. Credits i think goes to Everything is hardcoded, you can extend to the configs if u need that.
  6. Its working ok, when u do some needed changes. Hp wont show cus in interlude the npc(statues,crystals,etc) are not supported to show hp bar.
  7. Hello all, someday i saw shared event called "Chaos". And now its gone or i cant find it, maybe some has it and can reshare. Thx damn not this section, maybe someone can move it, or delete it?
  8. It works quite ok, but i dont get any messages from it at all, not exshowmsg and others. Anyone has an idea how to fix it?