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  1. Add two add-ons fallowing this: https://www.katsbits.com/tutorials/blender/psa-psk-add-ons-import-export-tool.php Select mesh and armature Click "Export" Done <:3
  2. You're welcome. That's right! Use translations XYZ or Rotation (Pich Roll Yaw) if you need to rotate your Mesh
  3. Hi. I’m using blender 2,79 and C4 client. Importing animation into Blender is bugged and I advise against that, especially for character’s animation. For monsters it „somehow” works. But you don’t have to import animations to export mesh to UE. When you attach shoulder to your armor you have to assign vertex to the bones in Blender. The shoulder’s bone has to have the same name as vertex grup. (Don’t try to rotate your mesh in comparison to the bones. In fact don’t care about the bones <:3 ) If position of your armor in L2 is not correct you can fix it by UE.
  4. You're welcome. If you want to play with sombody else you have to change Inner IP in database and DevServerIP="” in AuthD config (if I well remember <:3 ). IP in l2.ini file also has to be changed for that client.
  5. I will try that. Thanks for your advice
  6. If you have 9999 ping that means you have problem with IP. You should have in database IP/Inner IP : and also in AuthD/etc/config/config.txt: DevServerIP="" and also in L2Server/L2server.ini: [CacheD] address="" port=2006 [AuthD] address="" port=2104 <:3
  7. Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t sure if this method actually works. I’ve found the solution! I had the same name for the file of my mesh in animation folder and the texture in systextures folder. The L2 was looking for textures in animations. Wouldn’t have found the solution so quickly without your help. Thanks
  8. Hi there <:3 I’m trying to make some customs in L2 client. By using guide from the forum I’ve made my own mesh in blender. Everything was fine and my mesh appeared in the game, but I’ve spent a few days to export textures into L2, and I’m stuck in this matter. I’ve discovered that: Unreal Runtime Editor can’t open L2 utx even after decoded. I’ve found „L2tool” which can export L2 utx -> Unreal. After that it works! But I want to export my own utx to L2 and I don’t know how to export Unreal utx to L2 -> This step is missing. Any solution, idea? I’m using
  9. Thanks for the answer I thought it’ll be easier.
  10. Now I’m using l2c4 storm server files. I’ve tried to use the extension which I found on russian website This one -> https://mmo-dev.info/threads/share-c4-l2patch-v15.1907/ but there is some conflict with client-server protocol and I’ve abandoned this for now. I’ve tried to modyfy the AmpeDx64.dll and L2Server.exe by Hex Editors with no visible results. I’m wondering if my approach is good and these variables are somewhere there or not.
  11. Hi everyone <:3 I've got a problem: There are lots of hidden variables I can’t find to modify in server properties. I’m looking for e.g. warehouse slots, max buff slots, enchants chance. I assume that „unknown” parrameters are hidden in .dll or .exe files. Any ideas where to find it, and how to change it?
  12. I didn’t use the PCH generator before. I was changing everything manually. Thanks to you now I know how to do it properly.
  13. This wasn’t so simple. I’ve found the solution but … (I’ll get back to this) I’ve changed skilldata.txt from skill_begin skill_name = [s_song_of_vitality_cost_30] /* [송 오브 바이탈리티] */ skill_id = 304 level = 170 operate_type = A2 magic_level = 85 effect = {{p_max_hp;30;per}} is_magic = 0 mp_consume2 = 22 cast_range = -1 effective_range = -1 skill_hit_time = 2.5 skill_cool_time = 0 skill_hit_cancel_time = 0.5 reuse_delay = 10 activate_rate = -1 lv_bonus_rate = 0 basic_property = none abnormal_time = 120 abnormal_lv = 1 abnormal_type = song_of_vitality attribute = attr_none e
  14. Thx for great guide. I've checked the script for NPC buffer with small modyfications and everything is fine but Songs and Dances' buffs doesn't work. Any idea how to change this?
  15. Ok, I've managed to solve the problem. For another system folder root account is working <:3