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  1. Hello , i have the following chars and items for sell : GS 79 sub titan 78 2nd sub sorcerer 76 (nobless) 50e PP 79 sub destro 75 (nobless) 35e COV 79 (magnus as well) 30e SWM 78 25e BD 75 20e Spoiler 74 20e Crafter 70 15e Warlock 69 10e SE 58 5e Titan 76 with 78 skills 25e Maj Light set 30e / Tallum hvy set 35e / bw set 15e / doom hvy 10e / doom robe 10e / maj jewels set (unsealed) 10e / tateo +3 set (sealed) 25e Draco bow +2 60e/ HD 50e / AM acumen 60e/ Saint Spear 50e / Dragon slayer 25e / Halberd haste +2 20e / C weapon +7 12e / TOP C two handed +4 focus 7e/ kesa duals
  2. i really needed this one, thanks
  3. akali is still busted, if lane phase is over without being far behind