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  1. That's why you shouldn't be playing shitty private servers like L2Reborn , bro. But still I feel you.. And it's good that you wrote it here so people will not waste their time by playing it.
  2. As title says selling 76 WC with COV at L2 Classic club x3. IF INTERESTED PM ME YOUR CONTACT DETAILS , DISCORD , WHATSAPP , FACEBOOK and I'll add you.
  3. I'll pm you as I'm leaving L2Classic & Searching for new server.
  4. Good to know , as I was about to make some deals with him. Post proofs btw.
  5. Hello , Maxcheaters. I'm selling 60 Human mage @ Ashbringer EU realm 60% mount, 300 Herbalism & Tailoring like 150 gold left . 1 piece of T1 attuned to MC . If you interested add my skype : live:.cid.e759005005f4bbbf Or PM me your skype / WhatsAPP and I'll add you