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  1. The question is not actual anymore. I found npcpos.txt nearly equal to that server. Normal count of spawns on: C3: ~30200 (sweet community-driven spawnlist with almost no barren fields but nearly half of raid-bosses missed ). C4: ~34700 (poor NCSoft spawnlist). GF: ~41800 (slightly improved NCSoft spawnlist).
  2. Я протестировал v1.0.16.0 на C4 сервере и она не работает. 1. PathMaker падает с exception при попытке скормить квадраты 26_*, которые необходимы для C4. 2. PathMaker_GF отработал на GeoData от Storm, но сервер не смог его загрузить (invalid pathnode.bin в консоле или что-то в этом роде). 3. Обе версии падают с exception на многих других паках GeoData (например от Merchant и Stazis) на этапе проверки или вроде того. При этом hdpngen_le работает с ними всеми, хотя pathnode.bin получается намного больше ~500Mb против ~300Mb.
  3. Hi guys. I ran Storm's based C4x64 server the first time and everything looks fine except lack of NPC spawns. I played on some private C3 server many years ago and as I remember NPC were twice or three times denser. The //npccount command gives 34.7K spawns, but when I summed all npc_begin.total and npc_ex_begin.total from npspos.txt I got number about 50.6K. Also when I start L2NPC.exe it doesn't create window but after 5-10 minutes NPCs show up in the game. I also seen a few "failed to increase total npc because of npc quota" errors. 1. Do someone know valid count of NPC spawns? 2. Is it depends on server RAM amount (I set 8Gb on VM) or count of online players? 3. Is there config variables that affect this? 4. Do someone have really good npspos.txt script or improved version of L2NPC? P.S.: NPC spawn info & NPC distribution from L2Server console: