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  1. my English is not very good ((( thanks a lot !!! but I want the auction to have only certain items in inventory. For example - armor weapons jewelry Error: for (AuctionItem item : items) Error: Can only iterate over an array or an instance of java.lang.Iterable public int getNumberOfAuctions(Player player) { int i = 0; for (AuctionItem item : items) if (item.getOwnerId() == player.getObjectId()) i++; return i; } Сan tell me a piece of code: to charge for the services of an auction? For example, adena
  2. long delay=RaidBossSpawnManager.getInstance().getRespawntime(raidboss); .getRespawntime - error a have - aCis 382 help
  3. error end my long delay = RaidBossSpawnManager.getInstance().getRespawntime(rboss); (HERE) help
  4. Hi guys. Sorry for my English. My Java is bad too.)) I am using 382 aCis. There is no (which, as I understand it, is used for parsing icons for an auction.) ACis 382 have method is there an option to use Pulled with (368) the norm works And please tell me. How to limit items allowed for sale at auctions?