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  1. Gudzy, if you allow me to ask. I can change many things in DB or only see the accounts in L2J DB?
  2. Do you have the steam 100% ? I think you receive that error, because not is complete. @_@
  3. Well, you need a clan to manipulate the OLY, and good skills to kill the enemies. Good gears and many things. It's the way to be a hero. :P
  4. It's a good guide, but not is better to lvl 1 to 20, and 20 to 40 ? :P
  5. I have many problems with that update. Because the servers i'm play use Part 1, and when i use the update of retail, i can't enter anymore. :P
  6. I forgot to say is Gludin Village too. Remember the old memories of L2, when i use a little money to walk in boat. 8D
  7. Well, i use to TH to kill a mage: Trick, Bluff, Backstab, Deadly Blow, Lethal Blow, and Spam CP POT. :P
  8. Exist other way, got ur weapons + and try put more OE. It's very fun to remove the bored. ;P
  9. The BIG problem, you CAN'T told to your friend, you have a server. I remember of my friend, create a server, and many "friends" [ i think is FRIENDS. e_e /biglielol ] want weapons/armors/raid jewels +++ or you not is my friend. lol The Admin/GM can't PLAY in the own server, it's ridicule.
  10. Really, the C1/C2/C3 you need skills to play with your character. Now, only you need it, it's equips +++. :/
  11. Well, the option 2 is really usefull, you enchant the max you did. It's the way i get weapons fighters/mages +16/+18. :3 Exist the "legend" the restart you enchant your weapon, before the respawn of npc's.
  12. I agree, TH is the best, more skills, hp balanced with/without dyes. It's a nice char to pvp/pve. The better, if you know play with him, and have skills, he can kill many mages/healers/archers/maybe tanks [ I don't know about it. I think a lethal strike, maybe. ;P ]. Anyway, TH rulez. ;P