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  1. i heard that in official you can make alot of money on crafting brig. and sorry i forgot to give rights: By: Knoxville from L2Reign server
  2. maybe you dont have quest item to enter it?
  3. So...for all dwarfies, heres a list of recipes that u should have if u whant to be a good crafter lvl 1 recipes (Dwarf Fighter lvl 1) Braided Hemp - spoil 1/27 Goblin Scout lvl 8 (Talking Island) Coarse Bone Powder - spoil 1/28 Utuku Orc Archer lvl 8 (north of Dwarven Village) Steel - spoil 1/23 Garum Werewolf lvl 9 (north of Dwarven Village) Leather - spoil 1/10 Rakeclaw Imp Chieftain lvl 10 (east of Orc Village) Cokes - spoil 1/17 Kuruka Ratman lvl 16 (Cave of Trials) lvl 2 recipes (Artisan lvl 20) Compound Braid - spoil 1/22 Scarlet Salamander lvl 17 (Cave of Trials)
  4. if you want to do this shitty trick better ask the noob : you want weapon +8? he say, yes sure, and then you tell him to drop and pick his weapon near any npc 8 time and it will be +8 i think its better way to do that :P
  5. Level 1 Once you appear in the world, you will appear in a room filled with monsters called Gremlins, and at your back, there will be 2 NPCs, talk with the one called Newbie Helper and get the quest to recover the blue gemstone, go and kill 1 or 2 Gremlins (drop rate is high) and you will get it, it's important that you don't kill many Gremlins, the vitality system will help you later on, and it would be a waste to use it on these lowbie mobs. Take the blue Gemstone back to the newbie helper, he will provide you with a recommendation card, take it to the NPC next to him, and with that yo
  6. downloaded :) the best wallpapers are from C5 <3
  7. started about 2 years ago. how? my neighbour was playing l2 and when i get internet in my house he give me L2 and some items at start :P why? first just for check, but when i check i start play for fun(pvp,pk ofc) :D
  8. 3 times but dont remeber the name of the 2 servers (1 is l2lava)
  9. yea i play in IL server where you can stuck augment :D i already agu about 50 weapons and get only: passive focus lvl 10, active silence and passive EMP lvl 10 :P to feel happy i only need nuke skill like hydro blast :)
  10. well, post here what augmentations you get my best agu was WM lvl 10 but in AS :P
  11. i think no, this was fixed since interlude/kamael but try :P