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  1. Hello; I would like to know how I get the Experience table, I use the Vangaanth's REV L2OFF, I would like to get lvl80 players up much slower than it is now! Why do I want this? Players get 100% lvl80 and can't take Karma out by killing mobs! Thanks!
  2. Hello; I am using the Rev Vanganth L2OFF and I put a Custon area, every time someone dies or teleports appears inside Dawn / Dusk's catacomb, could someone tell me which file I change it into? I wish you were born in Giran!
  3. If I had money, I wouldn't be begging the forum for help! I just need the correct code for account creation, if someone sells only that I buy! Someone sells?
  4. is much for me now, just need account creator! After my server give money i will buy it!
  5. Would anyone have a PHP account creation site for this Rev? Thanks!
  6. Hello people; I have a problem a few days, I use Rev: Interlude L2Off VanganthExtender, I can't get a working account creation CP, I tried to develop a simple page but I don't understand the binary encryption used in the password! Could someone give me a hand? Would you have a simple account creation page that works? I've done everything and can't create the account! Only with AccountManager.exe Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know what is the Radar Map file? Client? Server? https://puu.sh/E9PaY/65476da7ac.png
  8. This skill is wonderful! I would like to use her as a group buff! Unfortunately the animation only appears in the character that used it! Is there a way to modify it to appear in the whole group?