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  1. Hello there im selling the following items IC SET+4 DC SET+4 TT SET+4 AM+ACU+10 About 800kk adena , tkt and much more mats like cry lv12-13 etc
  2. Hello I’m selling my acc on NA giran server lv78 duelist maybe interested?
  3. Hello there i want to sell my char and my items on NA Giran server Character : 78 lvl duelist with 2nd class skill all leveled up and with some 3rd class skills VIP4 with 12.500 vip points, zaken cloak , x2 weapon hero exchange weapon ticket for +10 weapon for 15 days so in total 30 days many fruit buffs golden etc, 30 sayha buffs scrolls, 12 dragon scrolls 2 pentand (7days) lv5+ fire and water about 15 exp scrolls 100%, bracelet of duty lv2 +260 clan coins and many more things! ITEMS : Tallum blade * Damascus othell 8 +3 Tallum heavy set unsealed + 4/3/3/3 Black Ore Set +3 Talisman of Fate lv1 +8 Fire pendant lv2 + 7 +7 warrior helm str/int (agu silence) Agathion Bracelet lv3 and about 20kk adena ---------------------------------------------------------------- updated : Naked char left! For more info pm me!!!
  4. how do i use this so that i can see that inside the l2 game, and does it work on classic nc soft?
  5. Hello to everyone, as the title says im LF a drop and spoil patch that work on l2 classic, and by that i mean when i click on a mob that i can see what this mob drops and how many chanses (%) it got to drop and the same for spoil! if anyone knows something pls post or send me a PM!
  6. Gladi lv61 vip 4 Gear: Blue wolf heavy set , sls duals +3, top c grade jewerls, Talisman of TOI lv1 , agathion bracelet , 200 clan coins , about 30 exp srcolls 30% , 2 x30 days unopened agathion pack singer & dancer , 30k ssb , 3kk adena , and about 70 special buff fruits! Talisman of fate lv2 +6 about the price offer me pls on PM
  7. made 2 transactions with him , i went first but he is rly legit and very fast too.....would recommend 100%
  8. Im looking to buy some adena on l2 classic giran server just pm me here with prices, ty!