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  1. i make on 1weapon Duel might active, but I can't make one more passive on this weapon. Only I can use 1 active or 1passive on 1weapon.
  2. Hm, I try but I can't only 1 active or 1 passive i can on 1weapon
  3. If I have augument active, try to make one more aug "passive" and print to screen "You have augument on weapon :) I try with your method but nothing
  4. Y You mean edit skills .xml? And from OP_PASSIVE change to OP_ACTIVE?
  5. Hello guys, any can help me how I can make on L2jAcis 1active + 1passive augument?
  6. Hello, how I can to make config L2jAcis custom starting lvl? I make with this guide: But not work.
  7. I use 370rev, I change to BossZone.xml (Baium Boss), my zone is baium.
  8. Try change time to 0 but nothing. some problem.
  9. I deleted : <zone id="110001" type="BossZone" shape="NPoly" minZ="-8380" maxZ="-4880"><!-- Antharas Boss --> <stat name="InvadeTime" val="1800000" /> <node X="173469" Y="110431" /> <node X="188081" Y="110284" /> <node X="188132" Y="119249" /> <node X="173386" Y="119391" /> </zone> But not help, can't go to antharas boss with player without privileges,
  10. Where I can turn off this zone? Thanks you
  11. Hello, in L2jAcis cannot reccall players in grandboss zone (baium, antharas,valakas...), also go to this zone, automatic move to town. Anyone know how to fix it?