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  1. A profit server at my opinion is a custom one.
  2. If you got any link related to my title and you wanna share it post it below,a good one working easy on setup.Thanks.
  3. Looking for a Dev to create an Interlude Project,please if you are kid in brain do not pm me like few others did.
  4. I forget to mention that im willing to pay for the services,sorry i will correct it now.Shit happens.
  5. Im looking for a Developer to work with for an Interlude project that i wish to create,feel free to contact with me if you are interesting.
  6. You think C4 chronicle isnt dead?I guess A GOOD Freya pack well builded may goes well
  7. From my point of view,Freya seems a nice pack to start a project,but need a better lookout if players want it,because as you said they stick on IT/H5,
  8. True story Sweets...But i wonder a Mid to High PvP Server Freya style will attract people?I saw on YT that a Freya Server got alot people but that depends on alot staff or a H5 will be better?
  9. Hello guys i would like to know why there are no Freya Server's around?Also people want to play on H5 Servers witch are PvP or Mid-Rate kind of x50-100 max?