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  1. that's i was looking for... Thanks, i did change that i need, on chat board msg got the new coloour but onscreen msg command channel (``) still on same old color, any tips?.
  2. Hi, guys someone know wich file on my l2 client i need modify for change the follow ingame chat colour: General (), Trade (+), Clan (@), Ally ($), Hero (%), Shout (!) and command channel (``) i cant find that on systemmsg-e.dat Thanks in advanced.
  3. Opening Saturday, September 12, 2015 Website: Forum: Accounts are auto create Features: Wondrous Cubic: The Wondrous Cubic is an all in one item that offers basic functions such as a Global Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Skill Enchantment, Augmentation, Symbol Maker, and Class Upgrades. The Cubic also provides some more advancedfeatures like our In-Game Password Changer, and allows you to view detailed stats of your character, such as Critical Damage Multiplier, Vamp Absorb %, Healing Power, Skill Reuse, and much more. Community Board: Much like other L2j servers, our community board shows who is online, but what really makes it special is that you can click on anyone’s name and it will bring you to that character’s Equipment Viewer, which displays all of the player’s equipped items, level, and class. It also keeps a Top 20 List that can be sorted by either PvP’s, PK’s, and Fame. The list is updated every 5 minutes. Mysterious Merchant & Other NPCS: The Mysterious Merchant is L2Aether’s choice custom trader that holds almost all of the equipment you need other than S Grade items, which are purchased through the GM Shop in the Wondrous Cubic. You can find the Mysterious Merchant in all towns. The L2Aether Blacksmith’s main function is to craft the Bars and Ingots your need to create higher tier equipment, for a small fee of course. He can also exchange element stones for element crystals and gemstones, and trade Top-Grade lifestones for glittering medals. The Cat Prophet is L2Aether’s default NPC Buffer and can be found in every town. The PvP Merchant is where you trade the Fame and PvP Tokens you get for items and consumables, she can be found in Gludin and Giran. L2Aether has a fully automated Donation NPC, where you input your Paypal transaction ID and receive L2Aether Tokens, which can be traded for special consumables only available to donators such as name change, race change, subclass/mainclass swap, sex change, PvP increaser, +15 skill enchanter, and much more. Items & Equipment: L2Aether has many custom items to offer such as custom armor, weapons, accessories and consumables. Diverse armor sets and weapons along with over 100 accessories, all having unique properties to customize your character any way you want, although some are more difficult to obtain. Dynasty and Vesper Jewelry are augmentable with normal lifestones, as are Leather Belts (normal jewelry requires Accessory Life Stones.) . The top tier weapons like Titanium and Dread offer special skills, Titanium weapons grant the active skill ‘Sudden Flash’, which gives you 4 seconds of 100% critical chance, skill critical chance, and +100 attack speed/casting speed. Dread weapons do not give you an active skill, but rather an on-crit chance debuff skill. The skills are different weapon to weapon, some of them include; Hex Absolute, Rigor Mortis, Departed Soul, Soma Ataxia, Life Void, Septic Bloodia, Morbid Soul, and Grave Anemia. Each having their own nasty effect. But of course I cannot list all of L2Aether’s custom items, come see them for yourself. Farming Zones: The current farming areas are Ruins of Despair, Cemetery, and Cave of Trials. Cave of Trails is an S80 only zone, meaning only S80 equipment and below can be worn, this makes COT a friendly area for new players. Ruins of Despair is a Non-KS solo zone, meaning unless someone is in your party or clan, if you hit a mob first no one else can attack it so long as you keep it targeted. Cemetery is a party/solo zone, with some of the more difficult mobs that drop the materials needed to create the higher end equipment. Castle Sieges: The number of siegeable castles have been reduced to 4. Sieges are held every weekend, Giran and Aden take place on Saturday and Goddard and Rune take place on Sunday. Ancient Cloaks are rewarded to all clan members as long as they hold a castle, Castle Lord Cloaks are rewarded to the clan leader and the clan leader’s spouse. The Castle Lord Cloak’s bonus vary depending on which castle they own. The clan is rewarded with items such as consumables that spawn in the Castle Vault periodically over the course of ownership. Nobless & Olympiad & Heroes: You can receive Nobless status 1 of 2 ways, you can either purchase Caradine’s Letter out of the Mysterious Merchant, or you can Raid Flame of Splendor Barakiel (the Nobless quest is not required for this.) All you need to do is hit Barakiel before she dies, and you will automatically gain Nobless status. However, just being Nobless dose not qualify you to join the Grand Olympiad games, you must be level 86 or higher and have more than 600 PvP’s to be able to participate. The Grand Olympiad games run for 2 weeks, at the of of which heroes will be chosen on the 2nd Saturday of the period. The times at which the Grand Olympiad games run are different everyday, the times are staggered throughout the week so each day as a different start time to accommodate people from all time zones. Heroes receive 2 custom hero skills depending on race, a mage skill and a fighter skill, except Kamaels and Dwarves, who only get 1 skill. PvP Towns: Gludin and Orc Village are the only towns that are not safe zones. But at the same time they are not combat zones, meaning you still PK. Orc Village, like Cave of Trails is an S80 only zone creating a noob friendly environment for beginner PvP without having to worry about top geared players ruining your fun. Unlike Cave of Trials however you cannot have a party in Orc Village. Gludin is where all event NPC’s appear and is a non-gear-restricted area. After you reach 3000 PvPs in Orc Village you will no longer obtain PvP’s while inside Orc Village. Gludin also has a restriction on PvPs but different, there is no PvP limit in Gludin but after 3000 pvps if you kill a player with under 50% of your current PvP score, you will not gain a PvP Point, Fame, or Clan Reputation. Raids: There are many Customized Raid Bosses with improved AI that will give you a much more difficult time than your average Boss. They also use an array of skills and debuffs that increase their difficulty to give you a unique raiding experience. These Bosses have a variable respawn time that ranges from 3 days or up to a week, which makes them hard to camp, and very hard to kill, but worth it, so bring your friends! Custom Classes & Skills: Classes like Spectral Dancer, Sword Muse, Doomcryer, Shillen Saint, Eva’s Saint, and Hierophant have been given skills to change their play style and over all make them more enjoyable classes to play. There are many skills that have been customized to give different, better or more stats than retail, there are even some completely new ones, but none are as impressive as the Forbidden Skills, not to be confused with Forgotten Skills. The complete list of Forbidden Skills can be viewed at the NPC, Hakenstern in Giran. PvP skills are obtained by increasing your PvP count, once you get it, it’s yours to use whenever. PvP Skills include Bless the Body (heals and increases max HP) Might/Empower, Bless the Soul (heals target for 3k MP) Focus, Increase Weight, Death Whisper, Wind Walk, Breserker’s Spirit, and many more. Instances There are 3 Instances as of yet, all ranging in entry requirements, difficulty, and re-entry times. Kamaloka has been reworked and customized, the entry NPC Sabriel can be found in Gludin, a special instance of Dragon Valley Cave has been created with mini bosses to accompany all the way to the Heart, the entry NPC Malkion can be found in Giran. There is also a Raid Boss instance that offers you the choice of 1 Raid Boss to kill, after you kill the boss you have chosen the instance will end automatically, the entry NPC Cahira can be found in Aden. As per usual each instance is timed, in the event you do not complete any instances in time the instance will break and you will be sent to the nearest town. Events: Events have been automated every 4 hours, the server will randomly pick an event between Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Death Match, Castle Siege, and VIP Events. All participants are rewarded with Event Medals which can be saved up and exchanged for Glittering Event Medals. Losers will be rewarded 1/3 of the total reward. In addition to Event Medals, the winning team will receive a Medal of Victory. There is Anti-AFK protection so don’t even think about joining and walking away, you will get kicked from the event! Website: Forum: Accounts are auto create
  4. Hello guys, I'm extremely new to l2j. I have already search with no luck, I want to know how can I add Augmentations to startup weapons.
  5. Website Forum L2Ae PvP is hosted on C6 Interlude client Rates: Starting level 85, Max Level 95 Global Gatekeeper! Item Store! Mysterious merchant! Password Changer! Enchant Engine Preview: Safe Enchant +5 Max Enchant +20 Buffer: All buffs 3 hours, death doesn't remove your buffs All buffs included on the buffer, except some which changed to costum If you want to get rid of a buff, just choose it again from the buffer and it will be removed Heal from buffer every 3 minutes, can't be used during pvp Economy: The server's economy is based on Golds and Glits, to get them: Farm Silver, 50 silver = 1 gold Pure Silver low drop chance or events, 25 pure silver = 1 Glit 1kk adena = 1 True Gold 50 True Silver = 1 True Gold Basically with gold you can buy anything among unique items, but to get to the Epic tier you need true gold, glits, star diamonds and star of destiny. Balance: Every class is modified by a unique Formula balancer, debuff chances and rates are shown when u cast a skills and everything works to suit pvp balance. (Including Sword Muse, Bladedancer, Prophet and so on, improved with some skills replacement\ add-ons to make them competitive in PvP) Trade channels: Trade chat (+): Can be used when you reach 50 pvps, after use it has a cooldown of 15 minutes, however the delay decreases up to 7 minutes according to your pvp amount Hero shout(%): Can be used by heroes or at 5500 pvps, 3 minutes cooldown Global Shout(!): Can be used at 10000 pvps, 6 minute cooldown Farming zones: Kamaloka Instance: Custom Soulshot Effects (Enchant Depended): Events: Events every 2 Hours CTF TvT DM LMS Mini Siege Gluding Warzone: When you enter this zone you flag, the flag is removed 30 seconds after leaving the arena. Olympiad: The hero cycle is every 2 weeks Heroes get an additional ultimate skill on their baseclass Valor and Heroic berserker can stack together General: When you login, the server checks your last login, if more than a hour had passed since then you will be teleported to town to avoid campers. Skills don't have mp consumptions, but heals have. Mp and Hp consumption over time from buffs/toggles have been removed. Shift click on NPC and view it's drops. Shift click on ur target to view all your target's basic stats heavily detailed. Geodata: The server is now using an experimental H5, GeoEngine and PathFinding engine, behaving 99% like l2off. Pathfinding locations are calculated on the fly making it possible for even very complex paths to be solved. Theres no Interlude server/project atm with a better geoengine. Worked hard on this the last few days, to make APCs playable even in very complex maps/locations with many obstacles. Players will never stack or face geodata problems anymore. Website Forum
  6. Has anyone boted with l2walker on this server( L2Sublimity), if you have please link me any guides of anything useful. I search on the forums and nothing yet.