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  1. Once corrupted always corrupted, dont waste your time here.
  2. the "good talk" that you read is about OLD server features. Things got changed and an ORIGINAL gameplay was implemented. They promote the L2 classic gameplay without corruption and constant development. Isnt money grab at all. I advise you not flame them
  3. Yes, is a fake server. It has same layout as lionna, era, etc. You can see that the same icons are used on the same features on all the servers.
  4. Idk who downvoted this project, it was the best idea around since classic came out.
  5. Congratulations! This is the server I have been waiting for since classic came out. I will be there!
  6. I like to see new classic projects. I suggest you aim for the pure PvP aspect of classic. You cant focus much on pve unless it goes hand by hand with pvp like RBs or epics. Learn from lionna, europa, zaken and remorse. They failed bcoz they want to force the pve, none wants to pve anymore, its 2019!!!! The success lies on something like l2devil but on classic chronicle. If you go for the mid rates server will die in 1 month, you can make it agonize for 1 more month but thats all.
  7. I would increase quest exp reward, I always liked the idea of doing quests. Im sure that me as many other are so tired of grinding mobs for exp. I like to farm mobs for spoils/drops but not exp. Increasing pailakas and 7 sign exp will be more fun than killing mobs non stop. My humble opinion :D
  8. I mean updating the server every 4 months to the next chronicle. You are right, it will be hard and expensive. It is a nice dream tho hehe Answering your first post, yes, I would like to play on the server you suggest.
  9. I have always visited this website but never created an acc. I found this thread and I wanted to sign up to speak my mind. I want to feel the chronicle progression again, I believe that is what kept me playing a long time ago. Would be great to start from Interlude and then go all over to actual chronicles like Salvation. It could be made in 2-3 years maybe.